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It just means more

Welp, one thing’s for certain…

The SEC’s asshole quotient won’t be going down after expansion.


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High praise indeed

Over at Roll Tide Roll, our old friend Erik Evans tosses Georgia a bone.

Phil’s long-predicted breakout season was the reason the Tide fielded its most productive DL since the historical 2016 group. If UGA was 1A, then Alabama was 1B and the very best unit in the country alongside the Dawgs.

Of course, we all know that’s only because Metchie and Williams didn’t play.


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Big boy

When the spirit is willing, but the flesh is… growing:

Eh, it’s not that big a deal, as Brock Bowers can attest.  I’m pretty sure Monken can maximize his talents, no matter what position group he’s a part of.


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Today, in oxymorons: NCAA leadership

What a comment.

Nobody was guessing, Mark.

He’s still begging Congress to bail his organization out.

“We need to work with Congress to create one federal landscape. We’ve had a variety of legal actions in the courts with all of that.

“That supersedes the board’s ability … We have got to have Congress find a single legal model by which NIL and other relationships with student-athletes can be regulated. That’s going to be a big task.”

And now, after decades of dithering and delay, he’s finally found a sense of urgency.  Or so he says, anyway.

“We’re at a place of huge disjuncture around college sports,” Emmert said. “We’ve got a relatively, in my opinion, short window of time during which the schools, especially in Division I, need to decide what they want the relationship [with] student-athletes and their schools to be, what the governance structure around that can be in the current legal environment, and how the rules and structures at a national level, a divisional level, at a conference level could and should be made.”

“We need to be ready, willing and able to shift and shift in dramatic ways,” he added. “Collectively, we’ve gotta sit down and map out what we want to do.”

“We”?  You mean the same people who can’t even get their shit together on a playoff expansion deal that would net them another half a billion dollars?  Those people?

The amusing thing is I bet Emmert wakes up every morning, looks in the mirror and assures himself he’s still a credible figure.


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