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Today, in another episode of getting old sucks…

I’ve got surgery scheduled today to remove a small piece of me.  In fact, as you read this, I’ll be under the knife.  Between that and the anticipated medication to alleviate the subsequent pain, I expect I’ll be out of action, blogging-wise, for a day or two.

Not to worry, though.  I’ve got a few posts lined up for your reading pleasure, including this year’s big offseason project, which I will post about tomorrow, seeking your input about how to proceed.

Otherwise, as always, behave, you scamps.


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Stocking a staff

I thought this was an interesting take on how power schools are going to approach staffing.

Recruiting these days is almost completely soul consuming and every assistant coach is expected to be a contributor (some more than others), so this makes sense — but only at programs that have the resources to pay for it.

Rich will continue to get richer, in other words.


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Musical palate cleanser, power popping edition

I don’t know if Big Star’s “September Gurls” stands as the greatest power pop song ever, but I do know that I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve played it.  That counts for something, right?


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