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Another GTP offseason project

The last time friend of the blog Travis Fain asked me an innocent question about Georgia football, it led to this, so let’s just say I pay attention when he emails me with a question.

Like this one:

This got me thinking:
What if you used your approval voting system to name an all time team, or a top 25, or maybe go by decade, etc?

That sounds like a brilliant idea.  I’ve already spoken with Peyton, my partner in crime at the Mumme Poll, about it and it’s doable.

The tricky part isn’t the approval voting.  It’s going to be setting up the parameters.  How to decide who makes the ballot?  How do we deal with recency bias?  Do we look at this by position?  By decade?

That’s where we need your help.  Lay your suggestions on me in the comments.  What I’d like to do after hearing from y’all is post a follow up discussing the framework.  From there, it’s all about putting ballots and votes together to come up with what should be a very fun Dawg fan poll.

Let me know what you think.


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Monken moments

I mentioned in a post last week that I might need to write something about my favorite play calls over the last two seasons.  After much thought, it’s down to three for me.

The first:

Yeah, I know the outcome sucked, but this play was genuinely thrilling to watch unfold.  I was sitting on the other 20-yard line on the side of the field that Zamir ran towards, so I had a great angle — great enough that even a tyro like myself could tell Georgia was going to break a big play just based on the formation and how the Gators lined up on defense.

That this happened during the pandemic season, with limited preparation and a jumbled quarterback situation, told me all I need to know about Monken’s capabilities.  And, I imagine, told a few defensive coordinators the same thing.


Everybody pointed to the next touchdown, the McIntosh pass, as proof that Georgia threw that “look out for Michigan’s trick plays on offense” warning right back in the Wolverines’ faces, but the trickeration actually started here.  The Dawgs came out of a sugar huddle and lined up with Bowers in a tackle-eligible formation without giving UM’s defense enough time to sort things out.  (Watch the safety, in particular.)  The play fake just made things worse.

I hope Monken smiled a little watching that unfold.


Gawd, this play!  Again, I was lucky enough to watch this unfold in front of me.  I’ve seen the broadcast several times (okay, maybe more than several) and it really doesn’t do justice to how badly fooled the Tide’s defense was on that play.  It was the culmination of a run-heavy drive (only one pass attempt before, the throw to Pickens that drew a PI call), and came on a short yardage call — again, hurry up to catch the defense not completely ready.

What it was not, though, was the same play as the above Michigan touchdown.  Bowers isn’t lined up as a tackle and the play was more of an RPO than a pure play fake.  It worked just as well, though.

What’s really great about the play was how smartly Monken anticipated the Alabama defensive call.  The blitz left an ILB in To’o To’o who wasn’t great in pass coverage in the first place and was dead meat as soon as he took one step in towards the line of scrimmage anticipating a run.  Just fantastic.

Anyway, those are my three.  What are yours?


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Musical palate cleanser, rootsy edition

From their fantastic debut album,  Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams, here’s Waukesha, Wisconsin’s finest, BoDeans, with “Fadeaway”.


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