Musical palate cleanser, blues prodigy edition

Ladies and gentlemen, Christone Kingfish Ingram, channeling a little Jimi.

As someone in the comments to that clip noted, he wasn’t even old enough to drink in the bar he was playing at when that was recorded.  Pretty remarkable.


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14 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, blues prodigy edition

  1. RangerRuss

    Good stuff. I like the bit of reggae about halfway in.
    The kid’s short, stubby fingers blows my excuse for not being able to pick right out of the water. I’m just a no talent hack.

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  2. prosticutor

    Funny story- I’ve seen him play in some of these little bars, and when things get really rockin, the girls will start dancing up closer and closer on him. And that’s when his mom will walk up between them with a look on her face that will scare you back to your seat, shaking her head “no” with a finger wagging back and forth. You can’t help but laugh, but you almost feel bad for him getting, umm, “blocked” by his mom in front of everybody.

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  3. timberridgedawg

    First time I saw him was when he played himself on stage at Harlem’s Paradise nightclub in a episode of Luke Cage on Netflix. I was blown away by how young and talented he was.

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  4. Damn I feel old…this reminds me when Johnny Lang was a kid phenomenon…this young dude is crazy good

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  5. David D

    God gives certain people in the world a true gift. I have a gift for eating. I’m not complainin’, but sometimes I wish my gift had more pentatonic scale.

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  6. W. James Sizemore, Jr

    Anyone recognize the bar. Looks like my kind of joint.

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    • row105

      could very easily be “Red’s” in Clarksdale MS although the TV in the background makes me think no. I think Kingfish is from the Clarksdale area and my theory is he is channeling Robert Johnson…just a theory.

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  7. otto1980

    Awesome to see the next generation can play. He was interviewed on the Buddy Guy episode of American Experience.

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  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    What a find. Spent the last hour listening to albums from Apple music.


  9. akascuba

    Your often new to me musical shares over the years have been greatly enjoyed and appreciated.

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  10. olddawg22

    He opened for Buddy Guy a few years back on my first visit to Ryman Auditorium! Damn good evening of rocking blues!! Fucking pandemic has kept me from seeing him again the past couple of years! Bought time to fix that!!

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    • Speaking of Buddy Guy…several years back I went to his bar Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago to see and hear some great blues and to have more than a few Buddy Brews…I never had any Billy Beer back in the late 70’s so I had to at least try some Buddy Brew after I heard about it.

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  11. junior1119

    As a huge Hendrix fan, I gotta say that dude right there nailed it. His drummer killed it too!