TFW the ends matter more than the means

Truth, from one of Georgia’s new coaches:

True ‘dat.

By the way, I’m home now for some R&R, deserved or otherwise.  Thanks for y’all’s well-wishing.


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24 responses to “TFW the ends matter more than the means

  1. Ran A

    How are you feeling Senator?

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    Glad you are home…take it easy.

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  3. NotMyCrossToBear

    If it had to be done, Masters weekend is a good weekend to recover.

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  4. whit1356

    Great day for your R&R Senator. 1st day of the Masters and the Braves opening game tonight!!

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  5. whb209

    Is a GA coach bitching about requiting? He might be at the wrong school.
    Stay well, Senator


    • He’s not bitching about recruiting. He’s calling out fans who think recruiting is a bigger deal than winning actual games.

      He’s right, too.

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      • theorginaldawgabides

        Is he though? Or is this aimed at recruits that love playing the recruiting game more than playing football? Of course that ultimately is the result of fanatics insatiable appetite for recruiting info, which led to the myriad of recruiting sites, rankings, all-star camps, etc. Then of course the advent of social media exponentiated things further with absurdity like grown men following these kids. Add in the average high school age kid’s maturity level, and it’s no wonder they fall for all these entrapments.

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  6. godawgs1701

    We’re guaranteed 12 days of Georgia football this season, 13 if we count G-Day. What does the Coach Uzo-Diribe propose we do for the other 352? Talk to our families? NO THANKS. lol

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  7. 79dawg

    In the hospital for 3 days? I have told my loved ones to just go ahead and put me out of my misery….

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  8. californiadawg

    I like this coach’s style. I’ll never understand 24/7 recruiting fanatics, especially the middle-aged lot who spend so much of their free time in the Twitter mentions of 18 year old men. Seems like an exhausting and creepy way to be a fan.

    Also welcome home Senator! Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Hope pain meds and/or whiskey (in moderation) are easing any pain.

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    • minnesotadawg

      Yep. That’s my feeling, too. Obviously, the recruiting part of football is uber important…but the recruiting drama that some people love to follow is more akin to watching The Bachelor than it is to football.


    • siskey

      I think the average Georgia fan is unable to deal with what happened in January so they want to go back to their old habits and obsess about recruiting, which is going great but not great enough to some for whatever reason. I remember a kid in the 6th grade being really excited about what Hearst and Hastings were going to do here, he’s probably worried about Texas AM now. I’m not.

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  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Hope that tweet was meant for fan-antics and not Kirby or his fellow coaches. Otherwise it’ll be a short career.


  10. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Bienvenue à la maison Sen Blutarsky!


  11. gurkhadawg

    I haven’t been able to read the blog lately. Work has been absolutely nuts and trying to get my taxes done. I wasn’t aware of your hospitalization. It’s none of my business, but I think you may have been one of my patients. On Monday one of my patients was going to the OR because he had fractured his penis. That wasn’t you wast it?

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  12. Hoppy Hopkins

    Glad to read you’re back on the mend!
    Stay healthy, brother!