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Unlocking Darnell

There’s been a lot of nervous online speculation that Darnell Washington might be seeking greener pastures from which to display his talents.  There’s a certain amount of projection involved, I suspect.  After all, it’s got to be frustrating if you’re a Georgia fan to see someone with the obvious physical talent Washington displays averaging less than nine catches a season (while managing better than 19 yards a catch!), especially when we can’t blame it on the offense scheme ignoring the position.

It’s funny, though.  At the moment, Darnell doesn’t sound very antsy ($$).

“I just did my role,” he said. “If my role is to block, then I’ll block. I’m a role player.”

… Bowers, Gilbert and Washington. Are there enough balls, enough snaps for everybody?

“I believe so. It’s just something that I’ve got to come back off injury and work,” Washington said. “Just like Brock and Arik and everybody else in the tight end room is doing. I feel like only time tells.”

Washington says something there that’s worth remembering.  He was hurt for a part of last season (although he still wound up playing over three hundred snaps).  And as he acknowledges, he came to Athens as a tight end who never had to block in high school.  Needless to say, that’s gonna need a bigger learning curve.

And he’s hurt now, unfortunately.  That being said, with this offense, he’s right:  once healthy, there should be plenty of balls to go around, especially if his blocking prowess keeps him on the field as much as it does.

I, for one, sure would like to see what Monken can come up with out of those 13 sets with he, Bowers and Gilbert on the field together.  Yowser!


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Talking loud and saying nothing

I’m not saying I doubt this (I don’t)…

“I think there is a lot of tampering that goes on within the portal,” Fisher said on the Paul Finebaum Show. “It’s funny, when a guy gets in the portal, he already knows where he’s going. A lot of schools have been using that portal extensively. So they’re getting guys like that. I think that’s a big factor that goes on right now in what’s happening, where it’s happening and where you’re going.

… but if Jimbo’s so cocksure about this, why isn’t he turning in names?  I mean, last time I checked, tampering is against the rules.  If Junior’s been crossing a line — and we all know that’s who Fisher is pointing at with that “using that portal extensively” comment — shoot your shot, dude.


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Meet Fran Brown.

The most interesting part of this clip comes at the end, when he’s talking to AD Mitchell.


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