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Joey Freshwater goes to the prom.

Regular pervy, or just a little?

Either way, you almost have to admire the “no fucks to give” way Junior approaches life.



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In the SEC, it’s another year of year of the quarterback

I love reading conference quarterback rankings, mainly because the people putting them together typically don’t know a damned bit more than the readership here does.  We all know Bryce Young is the cream of the crop.  After him, though, it’s more of a crapshoot.  Hooker, Jefferson, Rattler… who knows who will emerge?  Only part of that is driven by talent; just as much comes down to surrounding talent and the scheme the QB is in.

Which brings us to Stetson Bennett, of course.  I mean, what do you do with a guy who had a statistically successful season that culminated in a national championship that was the result of outplaying Young in crunch time, when you can’t help but think about his history and physical limitations and worry it will make you look bad if you give him too much credit?

Well, you do this.

  1. Stetson Bennett, Georgia – Frankly, it wouldn’t be outlandish to rank Bennett No. 2 on this preseason list considering he helped Georgia win a national title — bucking all recent trends that suggest only 1st Round draft picks can win a championship in the modern era. The former walk-on beat out JT Daniels for the job and led the SEC by averaging 10.0 yards per attempt. He threw 29 touchdowns — including five to zero picks in two College Football Playoff games.

If it wouldn’t be outlandish to rank him second, then why not rank him ahead of Hooker and Jefferson?


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OL shrinkage

In the very short term, I’m sure there will be some gnashing of teeth about Stacy Searels’ inability to keep Mims in Athens, but Seth’s note there indicates there really wasn’t much Searels could do about it.  (For what it’s worth, Griffith reported that “… a starting spot on the Georgia offensive line wasn’t at the root of Mims’ desire to put himself on what amounts to the free-agent market.”)

But it’s the longer term that should be of more concern.  Here’s Josh’s summary of who’s on the o-line this morning, (subtract Webb, of course).


Yes, it’s not devoid of talent or experience.  But it’s looking a bit thinner, naturally, although mid-spring practice isn’t a totally fair place to analyze depth.  The biggest thing lurking, though, is a potential train wreck coming at both tackle spots if Jones and McClendon elect to turn pro after this season.

Are the coaches satisfied with the talent on the roster and who’s coming in with the next two classes?  Will there be a need for Georgia to dip into the transfer portal to shore up depth?  (With the roster numbers being what they are, and bigger portal needs being at other positions, I would guess Smart would be reluctant to go the transfer route for the o-line.)

It may not be Searels’ fault Mims is leaving, but it’ll be his responsibility to restock the cabinet successfully.  Let’s hope he’s up to it.


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