But Stetson, PAWWWLLL…

Hmm… I guess we won’t be the only ones checking G-Day QBR this year.

Stetson Bennett is expected to begin the season as the quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs, but ESPN’s Paul Finebaum isn’t convinced quite yet. Bennett led Georgia to a national championship last season, and then decided to come back for another season. Now, Bennett needs to continue playing well in this weekend’s spring game to keep a hold on the starting Georgia quarterback job.

Finebaum said that if Bennett plays poorly in Georgia’s spring game, it could create a lot of questions for Kirby Smart in the Bulldogs quarterback room.

“It’s Georgia. I’m really curious about the quarterback situation,” Finebaum said. “I know that there will be a lot of blowback, but I continue to worry for Stetson Bennett. He had the storybook ending, he decided he wanted to come back, and I have my doubts whether this will be a vintage season for him just because of a number of circumstances. So yeah, I’m watching that because if he stumbles in the game and Beck or another player look really good, then I believe that debate will start and create angst and anxiety for Kirby Smart in the offseason.”

Can’t have that.

If Stetson needs to feed that chip on his shoulder, it sounds like he’ll have plenty of sources for that.



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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    No pot stirring there! Penis Head might be a little more interesting if he wasn’t so predictable.

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  2. timberridgedawg

    Of course that’s going to be the narrative.

    As long as Monken is running the show, having an experienced QB that can run his playbook is going to be the key. The plays will be there.

    I personally think the offense is going to be better this year than last.

    Monken is in his third year and working with a stable core of returning players with a returning QB that put up numbers that defied his recruiting ranking. It wasn’t a fluke.

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    • Derek

      It better be. The defense won’t be what it was in 2021.

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      • godawgs1701

        Which isn’t the same as saying the defense is going to be bad next year, they aren’t.

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        • Down Island Way

          Was partially viewing some of Micky’s take on the nfl draft and UGA football, none of us really have accepted what that UGA football “D” was last season and probably won’t be able to measure, digest what was accomplished for several years if not a decade or so, we can attempted to immediate measure, but you really have to sit back take it all in (sunset, something neat in a glass, good seegar), starting with klempzen all the way till 00:00 on that frozen (but hot) January night…GO DAWGS!

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        • Derek

          Theres a big gap between “best front 7 ever” and “bad.” The question is which one we’ll be closest to. Even if we exceed expectations on defense, more is going to fall on the offense in 2022.


      • MGW

        I think that’s the justified part of the worrying. He did take us to the promised land but we also leaned heavily on a defense that will probably not be as good this year. Just can’t count on that, so need to plan to score more. Going to need more performances out of him like the fourth quarter of the title. As in he BETTER keep it up because we’re going to lean harder on whoever the QB is this year than last.

        To me the other reason I’d worry if Stetson keeps the job isn’t so much that he that he isn’t good enough. I think he is. It’s that you would expect a kid recruited as highly as Vandagriff to grab the reigns by this point; to be more than “good enough.” If he doesn’t start, it could mean he isn’t the real deal.

        If he isn’t the real deal and Stetson wins us another championship… I won’t care too much about how great Vandagriff may be.


    • rigger92

      I don’t disagree, I do remember the team we had before fall practice and it wasn’t the same team we had for opening day, so let’s just wait and see on how much better the O will be this year.


      • moe pritchett

        Of course the defense won’t be what it was last year. That was a historically great defense. Even if there is an expected fall off, the odds of having a damned good defense again this year is a high probability.
        I expect the offense to take a giant step forward this year. The offensive line has all the tools, and yet because of the coaching change, that is my one area of concern; How good/bad is Searles?

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    • Anon

      I have a feeling our offense rides on the health of Milton more Bennett. No way of proving it…..just a feeling.


  3. originaluglydawg

    I wonder if Saban is pulling his strings.


  4. One of the posters known as Mark

    I find it hard to believe that Kirby Smart gives a flea-flying happy damn about what any of the talking heads or us internet commandos think regarding the way he runs the team.

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  5. stoopnagle

    Paul stirring the shit! LOL. It’s the long dark days between spring ball and fall camp, so gotta find them clickity clacks.

    Now, once Arch commits, that’ll be when the shit really starts to fly.

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  6. Texas Dawg

    I think Kirby has proven that EVERY player has to continue to play well to keep his job. Not just Stetson. He has proven that he will play the best player (in his opinion not ours) and that no one is guaranteed anything other than a shot at the spot.

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    JC was right yesterday, we can’t win with weenie arm SB at QB. Tell it all Brother!


  8. “I worry about the safety of these dogs,” Paul Finebaum said as he threw a raw steak into the dog pen.

    Fortunately, PAAAOOOWWWLLL’s prognostication record isn’t exactly stellar. But then being able to make whatever wild-ass predictions you want and never having to admit you were wrong is one of the main attractions of his line of work.

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  9. thenewandimprovedtronan

    Relentlessly self-promoting troll is going to troll relentlessly to self-promote. It’s as predictable as it is tedious.

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  10. godawgs1701

    Finebaum works for ESPN and ESPN 2 is broadcasting the spring game live on their air – it makes sense that they’d like to build in some hype so people will have a reason to watch. Stetson Bennett’s fortunes don’t depend on G-Day, though, they depend much more on the other scrimmages that aren’t being televised in Nick Saban’s living room and in the practices that are closed to the public; his future is determined in meeting rooms and summer camp and in the games to be played.

    That’s not to say that his status as the starter isn’t in question, he still has to compete and there’s pressure on him to keep the job. But it’s not like he hasn’t had that same pressure every day of his career at Georgia. He’s risen to the occasion. I suspect he’ll continue to do that.


  11. Faltering Memory

    If the sun comes up, people will question Kirby’s qb.

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  12. fisheriesdawg

    Paul Finebaum is worried about angst at QB for a team in the SEC. In related news, Bre’er Rabbit don’t want to be thrown in that briar patch over there.


  13. akascuba

    Pawwwl has to stir the pot to keep the nuts calls calling in it’s his job. Being a Bammer asshat is just what he enjoys doing.

    Kirby has shown the best player gets the most PT. As for this offense game one it has to be better than the one fielded against Clepsum last year. The defense will be a work in progress. Monken’s offense will be capable of ball control or high flying when needed. I can’t think of a better fit at OC than the one we have. Let’s enjoy his time in Athens while we can.

    Depth, team leadership and injuries are my preseason concerns.

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  14. If Alabama had won the Natty, would there be any doubt in anyone’s mind who’d be their starting QB this season? Then why is there any doubt about our starting QB?


  15. uga97

    –Or Mr Finebaum, I’ll have a try at this clickbait–

    Stetson doesn’t actully stumble, but continues to develop only to still get beat out by another QB. Which would be ok.


  16. Darin Cochran

    For all of the bellyaching over the front seven, you mean to tell me that KS has not recruited enough 4 and 5 star kids to replace four players? That’s it, four players…Carter is gonna be an AA, Beal and Smith return at OLB. So, find two replacements on the DL out of about 12 DLmen that were 4 and 5 star recruits and plug in Mondon and Sorey (both 5 star kids) and Dumas, who is already turning heads at ILB and this D keeps rolling. I just think everyone is worrying for nothing….but I digress, I’m a chaplain in a hospice agency, not a football coach, so what the heck do I know?

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