Always be click baitin’.

You know you’re in the presence of keen insight when you see Finebaum cited to get the rubes going.



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  1. He’s trying to get an early start on doubting Stet and questioning CKS and coach Monken’s qb decisions…if you put a lot of stock in G Day performances predicting the outcome of the season…I’m afraid I don’t have much for you…go by Stet’s G Day outing last year.

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  2. It’s going to be clear for much of the season our best QB is on the bench.


  3. Anon

    Opened DawnNation. Saw the headline. Immediately opened the GTP to witness the much anticipated Griffith beat down

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  4. whb209

    Every damn team ever has a second team QB that is AA and could have, would have, taken that team to the NC. If only, if only. Total BS.
    We have a very good QB and a great OC. They work very well together and get shit done in a very high fashion. My QB was MVP in the two most important games played last year, and I am going to ride my QB and my OC just as far as they will take me. If last year is any indication, it will be a long and wonderful trip.

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    • Harold Miller

      Dateline 1982 apparently Vince Dooley was keeping the best QB Todd Williams on the bench in favor of John Lastinger. My point? This is a story as old a football.


  5. mg4life0331

    It’s weird Senator. The only time I read anything about Paul is on your site. Coincidentally it’s always when I’m taking a dump. That tomatillo salsa was really hot. Come on ice cream.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Who knew Penishead followed G-Day QBR as much as all us in seat 35F???

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  7. mwodieseldawg

    WGAS what that dick with ears thinks?

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  8. Russ

    Mike Griffith quoting F Baum? Isn’t that click bait squared?

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    He got your attention, mission accomplished.


  10. Sweet D

    I especially like the implications of the visual comparisons, altered or not. Well done, sir.


  11. archiecreek

    sumboddy needs to remind finebum who won the 2021 College FootballNational Championship!!


  12. Wait, was Paul a Mett guy? I can’t remember where he landed on the epic/notsoepic QBR debate way back when….