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History repeating?

Chip Towers isn’t buying the PAWWWLLL!!! narrative about Georgia’s quarterback situation and G-Day.

Little likely will be decided directly off Saturday’s play. Bennett played the least of anybody in G-Day 2021, as he went 3-of-4 passing for 58 yards and an interception. It was Beck and JT Daniels who got most of the reps, combining for 560 yards and five TDs. Vandagriff was 6-of-9 passing for 47 yards.

That’s probably right.  And he makes a good reminder about something else.

But spring games are where young skill players become known to the masses. This time last year, not many were familiar with Adonai Mitchell or how to pronounce his first name (uh-DON-ay). Now he’s known nationwide as just “A.D.”

Remember how most of us were wondering after last year whether Mitchell would simply wind up being the current version of G-Day’s flash in the pan?  That worked out well.

Will it be post-G-Day intrigue that has a bigger impact, at least in the short run?

The real intrigue likely will come afterward. The Bulldogs will conduct their annual “Growth Meetings” next week, where roles and expectations are detailed and discussed between coaches and players. In the age of the transfer portal, players dissatisfied with the way those conversations go frequently head elsewhere.

Roster management never sleeps, especially when word is Smart intends to dip into the transfer portal for three or so bodies.  Stay tuned.


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“It was electric out there. Even better than I expected.”

Behold, the eighth wonder of the modern world, otherwise known as last night’s Orange and Blue game.

I’ll leave it to y’all to reach any deep conclusions.  Richardson looked like their best option at quarterback, but that Orange defense was putrid.

As for overall team depth, I’ll let Napier have the last word on that ($$).

… More transfers are needed to make this roster competitive by fall.

“I don’t necessarily think we’d turn down any good player,” he said as The Swamp emptied out. “A player that can get it in our two-deep and make our team better, that’s what we’re looking for.”

Of such things are dreams made of.


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Oh, what might have been.

Quite the story Andy Staples tells here ($$):

Lest this turn into a version of “Which schools could Nick Saban have led to national titles?” — which I’ve answered a few ways in this space across two employers — I’ll tell you exactly which job Saban would have picked if he’d had the choice of any school. This isn’t speculation. This is based on conversations with people around him through the years.

He would have chosen Georgia.

Saban knew how much talent the state was pumping out and how dominant the Georgia brand was in its own state. It’s the Alabama job with more good players in-state and no Auburn. But Saban also would have had no chance to get the Georgia job in January 2007. Mark Richt had led the Bulldogs to SEC titles in 2002 and 2005. His 9-4 record in 2006 was his worst in six seasons. He wasn’t going anywhere.

Saban meets the Georgia Way?  That would have been amusing to watch.  Especially when Jimmy Sexton started climbing those golden stairs.


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