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G’day, G-Day.

It’s rainy this morning, but the rain is expected to pass by noon, which is a good thing, because I expect the offenses to air things out just like they did last year.

I think we’ve all seen the keys and questions for today’s scrimmage enough that I don’t have to repeat them in this post.  Obviously, Arik Gilbert’s status is the burning topic of interest for me.

Those of you staying home to watch on the telly, consider this your game day post and have at it in the comments.



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Kirby Smart, PAWWWLLL!!!

Don’t think you’ll hear anything earthshattering here, but have at it:


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Numbers game

I’m not sure what this is about, but it’s interesting.

Georgia’s national champion football team takes the field Saturday in Athens for its annual G-Day scrimmage, hoping to successfully answer questions about its future prospects. Meanwhile, the school’s athletic department has been failing to provide information about its past profits.

To date, Georgia is the only public, Power Five school that has not publicly released its 2021 NCAA Financial Reporting System data, either of its own volition or in response to open records requests. The annual revenue and expense reports, which inform Sportico’s intercollegiate finances database, were due to the NCAA on or before Jan. 15.

Shit, even McGarity was forthcoming about the data.  What gives now?

Why the hold-up this time? Georgia isn’t saying.

The university has declined to respond to numerous email and phone inquiries made by Sportico over the last three months about when the latest report would be made available.

On Jan. 21, the university’s open records manager, Bob Taylor, informed Sportico that it was slated to be published online between the end of that month and beginning of February, explaining that its dissemination had been “a little delayed” on account of Georgia’s participation in the College Football Playoff National Championship.

On Jan. 29, the school’s athletics spokesperson Claude Felton said he would “check on it,” when asked of the report’s status, but hasn’t responded to repeated follow-ups in the 11 weeks since. Ditto for Georgia’s deputy athletic director Stephanie Ransom, the primary contact listed on Georgia’s previous FRS reports, as well as school CFO Ryan Nesbitt.

Is “a little delayed” in the context of the CFP code for severe hangovers afflicting the bookkeeping department at B-M?  Who knows.

Honestly, I can’t imagine what sort of information the school is reluctant to divulge.  You guys have any thoughts?


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The company you keep

Urnge glory:


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