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Some say this presages a font change to jersey numbers…

Honestly, you got me.


UPDATE:  More light is shed.


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Envy and jealousy, “The bagmen are out of the shadows” edition

This is so, so spot on:

The man who intentionally revealed last summer at the Texas High School Coaches Association convention that his quarterback’s NIL deals were approaching “ungodly numbers”, is concerned that the combination of NIL and the transfer portal has created a situation where “you can basically buy players” as a recruiting tool.

And the man who is set to make an average of about $9.4 million over the next seven years coaching football justifies that by saying “it’s a free market we live in, in anything.” But then says he is against players being paid.

We all know college athletics is in desperate need of leadership – of which it has had none from the NCAA – and guardrails as we navigate the waters of the long-overdue world of player empowerment. And Alabama’s Nick Saban (the coach in Example No. 1) and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney (the coach in Example No. 2) occasionally make valid points.

But some of their most recent rants continue to reek of hypocrisy.

‘Ya think?

… But his outwardly complaining about it being used in recruiting … he didn’t mind it last summer when he made sure every coach in the room at the Texas High School Coaches Association convention was aware that Bryce Young, who had yet to start a game at Alabama, had NIL deals closing in on $1 million. The message: If you have a stud quarterback out there, Alabama is where he can get rich.

And Saban has benefited as much as anyone from the portal, which is fine. But for someone who acts so offended, he is making sure everyone knows it.

“Last year on our team, our guys probably made as much or more than anybody in the country,” he told the AP. Are you listening Johnny Five Star defensive lineman who might be thinking of transferring?

All the Sabans and Dabos of the coaching world are worried about is a perceived loss of control over players’ futures.  The rest is commentary.  Hypocritical commentary.


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Rat poison from Vegas

Per Caesar’s Sportsbook, Georgia opens as a 15-point neutral-site favorite in its opener against Oregon.

Just imagine what that spread would be if the Dawgs had a real quarterback.  (Did I do that right?)


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