“Five guys in the closet”

Man, I love hearing Dan Lanning talk about how prepared his defense was for the national championship game.

Of course, none of that would have mattered if Metchie and Williams weren’t injured, amirite?


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14 responses to ““Five guys in the closet”

  1. RangerRuss

    Take away the wheel route. It’s nice to see some of the boys learn from past failures.

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  2. cowetadawg

    Makes me miss the guy already. Shame to have to embarrass him first game up, but that’s the gig.

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  3. After all these years I still like peaking behind the curtain…but that’s more of a conversation to have with a licensed professional.

    It’s one thing to recognize their schemes and pick up their protections, but it’s a whole other animal to have the stud players to execute on defense. UGA had/has the studs…I’m not sure the Ducks do. We’ll find out game 1 of the season.

    And I’m not even touching “five guys in a closet “…talk about low hanging fruit 🧐

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  4. practicaldawg

    Too bad it’s way easier to keep 5 guys in a closet than it will be to keep one Bo Nix in a tackle box.

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  5. bucketheridge

    That SEC title game was the first example of a team treating a conference championship as less than a must win. Our coaches aren’t stupid. They had a plan to stop Alabama but weren’t going to roll it out as long as they had a loss to play with.


  6. Harold Miller

    Damn, I hate when I get beat to the Metchie and Williams punch.

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  7. whb209

    And the last sentence, “we beat the protection”. That is a great way to play pass defense. I don’t care how great the QB is, when he is getting rocked on ever play he will get quick and make mistakes.

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  8. olddawg22

    The biggest difference in SECC and Natty to me on defense was exactly what happened on this play we get a player coming at Young quickly that can disrupt the play. In the SECC the other side would be empty letting Young buy time and throw or run with the ball! Not in the Natty we cut him off nearly every time and hit him hard even when he got the throw off. Pretty sure that was no accident!!
    Man was that clip enlightening, so if something goes wrong and we get beat deep down the right side, fans and commentators would all assume it was the safety that blew his assignment. When he actually made the play he was supposed to!
    May have to go watch the whole session from Lanning.