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If you come at the GOAT, you’d best not miss.

Come for the tweet, but stay for the comments, which burn with the righteous indignation of a thousand suns.

I guess I didn’t grasp how much that natty loss steams ‘Bama fans.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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Today, in gappin’

I know it’s not even the end of April yet, but perhaps we ought to check in with the 247Sports Composite to see how Florida’s newfound emphasis on recruiting is paying off early.

Well played, Billy.

No, I don’t expect to see the Gators sitting down there come December, but an auspicious start, that’s not, especially considering how many support staffers Napier hired in the last three months.

Georgia, by the way, is currently on top.


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“We have to do something.”

If you want to make sure Alabama and Georgia have a lifetime pass to the college football playoffs, here’s your ticket.

Many within the college football industry say it’s time the 25-man signing policy changes. Soon, that could happen. College leaders are exploring what would be yet another groundbreaking change in an era of transformation within the industry: the elimination of annual signing limits in football. Under the concept, teams could sign an unlimited number of players each year as long as they remain at or below the NCAA-maximum 85 scholarships.

The discussions are serious enough that such a proposal has been widely socialized among coaches and athletic administrators, some of whom believe the issue has a legitimate shot at passing in time for this upcoming signing class.

Nick Saban has to be pinching himself.  It doesn’t take a room full of analysts to figure out how to game this, either.

There is plenty of pushback against the proposal. While eschewing annual signing limits would provide schools a solvent to an increasingly difficult problem—managing a roster in the age of excessive transfers—skeptics have worries. For starters, will the plan further open the door for coaches to purposely turn over their rosters by cutting players and replacing them with signing classes of upwards of 40?

‘Bama signing 40 players, season after season?  I mean, what could go wrong?


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Irony, like Metchie and Williams, is dead.

Gotta love your typical ‘Bama fan.


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