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They’ll always have Metchie and Williams.

Roll ‘Bama Roll ♥ Mel Kiper.

Mel Kiper Jr. said what everyone knows and Georgia fans get testy over.

“He’s an awesome football player,” Kiper said Thursday. “He’s a tremendous warrior on the football field. I’ve always contended they beat Georgia if he plays that entire football game in the national title game.

“Against Georgia, they couldn’t cover this guy. They could not cover Jameson Williams. He got hurt in the second quarter. They win that football game (if he plays the second half.)

It is what it is. The replacements for Metchie and Williams didn’t make plays, and one of them hit the portal after seeing significant time in the national title game. Alabama has plans on being back there this year.

I figure we’re six months away from their fan base claiming 2021 as another national championship season for the Tide.


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Today, in doing it for the kids

Just your annual reminder that there’s no good reason players who aren’t selected in the NFL Draft shouldn’t be allowed to return to college to continue their careers.


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Pay me or trade me

No doubt this will make some of your heads explode.

Agent, money, public demand… yeah, that checks all the boxes. And, of course, the demand isn’t made of the school, but of the dude who’s running Miami’s NIL compensation.

Ruiz has 111 deals signed or pending with Hurricanes athletes to promote his companies, LifeWallet and Cigarette Racing, according to a report in the Miami Herald on Wednesday.

“It’s a unique situation just completing Nijel Pack’s deal with Miami,” said Papas, who also represents Miami power forward Jordan Walker and South Dakota State star Baylor Scheierman for their NIL deals. “Understanding what John Ruiz is trying to do with the NIL space and the city of Miami, we feel the value of Isaiah Wong should meet or exceed the value of an incoming transfer.”

Ruiz confirmed his knowledge of Wong’s dissatisfaction with his NIL compensation.

“Isaiah is under contract,” Ruiz said in a text message to ESPN. “He has been treated by LifeWallet exceptionally well. If that is what he decides, I wish him well, however, I DO NOT renegotiate! I cannot disclose the amount, but what I can say is that he was treated very fairly.”

This shit is the perfect example of be careful what you wish for.  It’s why I don’t think this Wild West burst is sustainable over the long run.  I don’t care how enamored you might be over your school’s athletics program, how often are you going to keep throwing money at kids who can walk away from you (at least once) at the drop of a hat?


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Auburn, Bryan Harsin is fighting for you.

And I’m sure it will make all the difference this season.

“I said it then and say it now,” Harsin said. “I wasn’t going to turn and run just because we faced some adversity. I was going to fight like hell for these players because they deserve it. I want people to know that, whoever you are, that these players at Auburn deserve your support. These guys bust their ass.”

… Harsin, who admittedly remains angry over the toll the whole ordeal took on his family, said those inside the Auburn football program rallied around each other this spring and that the vibe among coaches and players is the best it’s been since he took the job in December 2020.

“Something else I want to make clear is that people are underestimating this football team, and that’s one thing I’ve told our players,” Harsin said. “When they say I can’t recruit and can’t do all these things, they’re underestimating the players on this team. These are our players. We believe in them, and we know talent. These guys busted their asses this spring. It felt like the teams I’ve coached before.”

Harsin brought in three new assistant coaches, including former Auburn player Jimmy Brumbaugh as defensive line coach and promoted Eric Kiesau to offensive coordinator and Jeff Schmedding to defensive coordinator. Harsin believes all the uncertainty from February actually became a rallying point for the players and coaches on this team.

“Coming out of this, we’re stronger,” Harsin said. “We’re in a much better position than we were 16 months ago. Our team, the leadership, the chemistry, the cohesiveness — all those things — have really shown up over the past two or three months.”

Yeah, everything’s better in the offseason.  But them boosters ain’t going anywhere, dude.


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What a year we’re having

Quite the run we’re on, Dawgnation.

With five first-round picks, the Georgia Bulldogs flexed their muscles on the opening night of the NFL draft — but it was just a continuation of a red-hot streak for UGA football.

Just months after the Atlanta Braves won the World Series, the Bulldogs kicked off 2022 by winning the College Football Playoff National Championship in January, ending a 40-season title drought. The victory also broke a seven-game losing streak — including three with hardware on the line — against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

And just think — we owe it all to Metchie and Williams getting hurt.


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Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

Kirby Smart has his shiny new pitch for the recruiting trail.

And not just that…

If only he could develop players, amirite Gators?


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