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Tick tock

I know the NFL Draft has sucked all the oxygen out of the room, but has it occurred to anyone that if Georgia is looking to get a 2022 contributor out of the transfer portal without needing a waiver, time is running short?


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“We’re not talking about it.”

I keep telling myself I shouldn’t get my hopes up about it, but the clown show that is college football playoff expansion has entered a new phase, and I’m loving it.

The sun was shining Wednesday afternoon at the sprawling Four Seasons resort as the 10 FBS commissioners and College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock gathered in person for the first time since their tense playoff expansion meetings at the national championship game in Indianapolis almost four months ago.

And yet, there was no change on where they left matters, as they avoided any substantive discussions this week about the future of their sport’s postseason.

“We’re not talking about it,” SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said bluntly during a break between the annual meetings, which instead focused on the usual mundane playoff recaps with bowl partners, ESPN television executives and athletic directors who participated in the 2022 CFP.

As far as the topic of expansion was concerned, Sankey compared it to the sitcom “Seinfeld”: a “show about nothing.”

This placid meet-up was a complete reversal from months of sometimes contentious conversations and stressful meetings that boiled over and played out publicly until they ultimately culminated in February with an 8-3 vote that will keep the four-team format in place for four more years. For now, the issue of college football’s championship format beyond the 2025 season is on pause — most likely for another year. No expansion meetings are currently scheduled, and no changes have been made to how the four best teams are determined.

“I don’t sense any momentum for conversations on the side at the moment,” Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick told ESPN recently.

But they can avoid it for only so long.

A decade or so would work just fine for me, thank you very much.


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