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Tamper proofed

You know, I’m not sure Lincoln Riley gets enough attention for being a two-faced shit weasel.

I mean, here he is a couple of seasons ago, worrying about one aspect of the transfer portal affecting the sport he so dearly cares about:

But OU coach Lincoln Riley “definitely” has concerns about teams “tampering” with players from other schools by using the transfer portal as an inducement to leave.

“Is it happening? Is it a concern? Of course,” Riley said. “It’s no different than people that cheat in recruiting. We all know it’s going on. You wish more people would get caught. You wish it didn’t happen. But to duck our head in the sand and pretend like it’s not — it is.”

Fast forward a year.  Lincoln’s fled for the sunny climes of Southern California and brought his quarterback with him.

“We didn’t take players from Oklahoma, we took players from the transfer portal,” Riley said in a February radio interview with Colin Cowherd, rankling fans even further. “Once a player gets in a portal and they are open to any school in the country, we would be crazy to not look at it and now help our football team.”

Man, the concern’s just melted away.  And Riley continues to up his game:

Jordan Addison had yet to enter the portal when ESPN reported Friday night that the All-American receiver was mulling the possibility of leaving Pittsburgh for USC. The scenario was apparently dire enough to Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzzi that he called Riley multiple times Friday to express his discontent. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh officials told ESPN and the Athletic they suspected USC had tampered with their star receiver.

USC officials wouldn’t comment on the accusations.

No shit!  Guess that “we didn’t take players from Pittsburgh, we took players from the transfer portal” explanation doesn’t work so well if the player’s not actually in the transfer portal yet.

Tampering’s kinda like offensive holding —  if the refs aren’t gonna call it, keep going until they change their minds.



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Kirby Smart, destroyer of memes

Between nuking the “Kirby cain’t develop players, PAWWWLLL!!!” narrative, as well as ending the snappy “1980” comeback fans of other programs so deeply enjoyed, as far as I’m concerned, Smart has already entered the ranks of coaching immortals.  As a bonus, he’s even managed to add the Metchie and Williams meme to our repertoire.  That’s doing the Lord’s work.

My only regret is that Dan Mullen isn’t around to see it.


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You may say I’m a screamer, but I’m not the only one.

Love the misdirected energy here…

I mean, unless he’s including the federal judges and state legislators who made things possible, it’s a little hard to see why he’s blaming the folks he’s blaming.  (Well, aside from the fact that it makes him feel good, I suppose.)

A couple of points in rebuttal:

One, if money is everything, explain this for me.

Two, blame ultimately lies not with the people like me who pointed out that the system wasn’t fair to players, but with the schools and the NCAA who refused to see the train coming.  And now?

Yep.  If you want players to stay with a school, the choice isn’t advocating for a return to the status quo ante, ’cause that’s never happening.  It’s recognizing that the labor market for college football players is the same as it is for you and me and adjusting accordingly.  Can you say “employment contracts”?


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Nice draft, Gators



Good thing that gap’s closing.


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