Tamper proofed

You know, I’m not sure Lincoln Riley gets enough attention for being a two-faced shit weasel.

I mean, here he is a couple of seasons ago, worrying about one aspect of the transfer portal affecting the sport he so dearly cares about:

But OU coach Lincoln Riley “definitely” has concerns about teams “tampering” with players from other schools by using the transfer portal as an inducement to leave.

“Is it happening? Is it a concern? Of course,” Riley said. “It’s no different than people that cheat in recruiting. We all know it’s going on. You wish more people would get caught. You wish it didn’t happen. But to duck our head in the sand and pretend like it’s not — it is.”

Fast forward a year.  Lincoln’s fled for the sunny climes of Southern California and brought his quarterback with him.

“We didn’t take players from Oklahoma, we took players from the transfer portal,” Riley said in a February radio interview with Colin Cowherd, rankling fans even further. “Once a player gets in a portal and they are open to any school in the country, we would be crazy to not look at it and now help our football team.”

Man, the concern’s just melted away.  And Riley continues to up his game:

Jordan Addison had yet to enter the portal when ESPN reported Friday night that the All-American receiver was mulling the possibility of leaving Pittsburgh for USC. The scenario was apparently dire enough to Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzzi that he called Riley multiple times Friday to express his discontent. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh officials told ESPN and the Athletic they suspected USC had tampered with their star receiver.

USC officials wouldn’t comment on the accusations.

No shit!  Guess that “we didn’t take players from Pittsburgh, we took players from the transfer portal” explanation doesn’t work so well if the player’s not actually in the transfer portal yet.

Tampering’s kinda like offensive holding —  if the refs aren’t gonna call it, keep going until they change their minds.


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27 responses to “Tamper proofed

  1. He’s a shit-weasel with a kickass house and free private plane ✈️ sunny beach where did I go wrong?

    Live it up Hot Rod Lincoln, cause if you don’t win quickly you’ll be homeless like so many others in Southern Cali.

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    • RangerRuss

      “where did I go wrong?”
      You didn’t go wrong, FD. Doing the right thing will cost you occasionally. But it’s simply not worth being a sleazebag for material items. I heard that all my life from old folks to the point that I grew tired of hearing it. Now that I’ve seen folks pass, both those who tried to raise me right and the ones who took shortcuts at others expense, I appreciate the good advice. When you’re gone all you have is your reputation. They don’t put pockets in those caskets.
      I don’t sleep at night but it ain’t my conscience keeping me awake.

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  2. This is truly the side of the 1-time free transfer that pisses me off to no end. I’m a believer that the free transfer is the right thing to do. Once again, the NCAA abandoned what its appropriate role could be regarding tampering. If your head coach or assistant coach leaves, you can’t transfer to follow him for a year without sitting out unless you are a graduate transfer … no ifs, ands or buts. Schools caught contacting players even through intermediaries before they are in the portal should be subject to severe penalties (like not being able to accept transfers for 2 years).

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  3. I’m absolutely sure that none of us saw this coming. USC seems like a good candidate to build the first college all-star team via NIL and open transfer. Warm climate, Hollywood, plenty to do. I can see it now. 30 or so proven stars all coming to USC together from other schools in time to kick the shit out of everyone and win it all.


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “You know, I’m not sure Lincoln Riley gets enough attention for being a two-faced shit weasel.”

    Best. Lede. Ever.

    I do feel bad for Lincoln – he needs more credit for being a two-faced shit weasel.

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    • JaxDawg

      Agreed. The senator regularly hits home runs with his commentary. But occasionally he hits a real hum dinger. Best opening in a while.

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    There’s some tasty irony there, but I think you’re being a bit harsh with ‘two faced shit weasel’. I doubt there are many coaches out there, this side of Mark Richt, who wouldn’t do the same thing in Riley’s shoes, on both occasions.

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  6. Darin Cochran

    I’m not a fan of any Smack-10 team, but in all honesty, USC looks pretty scary for the upcoming season. Not only did they bring in Williams, but RB Travis Dye from Oregon and he had over 1600 all-purpose yards. They got 4 starters back on the OL that was the best line in the league. It’s their D that had problems and might be their Achilles Heal, but if they improve on that side of the ball, they’re gonna be able to score some points. This might end up being a sleeper team for the playoffs with nobody but Utah and Oregon to give them any semblance of a challenge. You gotta figure they got all the media pulling for them to try and bring some relevance to that side of the world of CFB since the south has become the Mt Olympus of the sport.


  7. 69Dawg

    Apparently the NCAA never heard of the Law of Unintended Consequences. Just get scared and throw open the gates to the Portal and we’ll see what happens. Let’s see tampering, payoffs, Coaching burnout, Boosters paying players, etc. The damn cork is out of the bottle and the Genie aint going back in without a court fight, which the NCAA wants to avoid now at all costs. Just sit back and watch but hope that Kirby doesn’t get totally burned out.

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    • spur21

      Kirby burnout is a real possibility if more assistant coaches bail on CFB. I think that is the only way Kirby isn’t our coach for the next 10 – 15 years.

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      • RangerRuss

        If Kirby hasn’t learned to delegate tasks he will burn out. As you know, Spur21, he can’t delegate responsibility. But after going balls-to-the-wall for six years he has met his initial goals. I hope he’s learned how to maintain that intensity while relying on the wealth of experience he has working under him.
        Time to get off that pocketbook and pay his coordinators and assistants enough to keep them around for the HC’s sake.


  8. godawgs1701

    I’ve had this feeling ever since Riley went to LA that Georgia and USC are on a collision course in the playoff in two or three years. I can’t wait to beat his ass again.