You may say I’m a screamer, but I’m not the only one.

Love the misdirected energy here…

I mean, unless he’s including the federal judges and state legislators who made things possible, it’s a little hard to see why he’s blaming the folks he’s blaming.  (Well, aside from the fact that it makes him feel good, I suppose.)

A couple of points in rebuttal:

One, if money is everything, explain this for me.

Two, blame ultimately lies not with the people like me who pointed out that the system wasn’t fair to players, but with the schools and the NCAA who refused to see the train coming.  And now?

Yep.  If you want players to stay with a school, the choice isn’t advocating for a return to the status quo ante, ’cause that’s never happening.  It’s recognizing that the labor market for college football players is the same as it is for you and me and adjusting accordingly.  Can you say “employment contracts”?



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  1. Gaskilldawg

    Matt Barrie is grandstanding by tweeting to CFB fans. If he was serious he would be contacting his congressmen and senators to amend the Sherman Antitrust Act to allow the NCAA to do what hd is advocating.


  2. Bluto, point of order…we should not use the tag lines of some of the GTP members’ online dating profiles as blog titles…posting for a friend

    As stated yesterday (with the basketball player & agent stumping for more NIL or “else”) things are coming down the pike so quickly, and even though we’re not getting the horse back in the barn; Matt Barie’s frustrations are not wrong…everything, at least to the fan, seems so haphazard recently…from the portal, to NIL, to CFP expansion and conference expansion, it’s a lot.

    The NCAA has gone full head in the sand (it’s Sunday so I’m trying to be a little more reverent)…state legislators are getting whiplash making stands and then capitulating…your average football dork keeps cringing and ducking waiting for the next change to potentially upend something they historically liked about college football.

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  3. sundiatagaines

    My prediction for the next bombshell. Some future Manziel will take legal action that the time he is being forced into with schoolwork is illegally taking away his time to make NIL money. The Cardale Jones “we ain’t here to do school” sentiment goes to court. The argument will be that school should be optional while you’re in your earning window.

    Or maybe this is crazy, I’m not a lawyer.


  4. Couldn’t a lot of this be taken care of with a guaranteed 5-year scholarship as long as the player remains academically eligible? Players have the right to earn on their NLI and have the benefit of the security of the scholarship.

    The NCAA abandoned its responsibility to manage the recruiting of athletes as a response to the failure to obtain antitrust protection and now we have this piss-poor stop-gap that could send college sports over the edge.


    • I mean, you think an Arch Manning type talent gives a care about a scholarship worth $150,000 over 5 years when they are getting millions via NIL to initially come to a school and then millions more to jump ship to another school later?


      • The 5-year scholarship can be written with a non-compete clause. It’s a contract. The problem is today’s scholarship agreement is only a 1 year agreement.


    • RangerRuss

      The good idea fairy working overtime today, eh EE?


      • Maybe just the common sense fairy … this stuff isn’t hard, but when you’re reacting rather than planning, the common sense solutions don’t come to mind. When you’re an organization trying to create a crisis to get what you want (an antitrust exemption), you just abdicate responsibility.

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  5. Employment contracts? That was a joke right? I admit that your sarcasm goes over my head at times.


  6. Ozam

    I have no idea where this trend ends up. However, I would be willing to bet there will be be significant reduction in college sports in the near future. The media likes to focus on football, but schools aren’t going to be able to pick and choose which athletes to apply rules.

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  7. junkyardawg41

    It’s recognizing that the labor market for college football players is the same as it is for you and me and adjusting accordingly. Can you say “employment contracts”? I agree there is no return to the status quo. The remaining question isn’t where we are but where we end up. Much to my chagrin, I believe recognition of current players as employees is coming sooner rather than later. (mainly because of what it does to the sport) Furthermore, I don’t think there is a labor market for what we currently define as a “college football player” but there is a labor market for minor league football player (teams licensed or associated with universities).

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  8. “Two, blame ultimately lies not with the people like me who pointed out that the system wasn’t fair to players,”
    I guess we can add to it the covetousness of the people that filed and participated in the law suits.
    I still say before this is all over (whether that is 2 years or 10 years) Most everyone involved will wish it was as it was in 2010-2017 where everyone had the best of both worlds.


    • Ozam

      I’m not convinced the NCAA could have done anything other than stall the inevitable. College sports are a Frankenstein system and the money simply chasing content is just too large.

      While there definitely will be some winners in this transformation, college athletics as a whole could be the big loser.

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  9. Hobnail_Boot

    Matt Barrie nailed it.

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  10. whb209

    Regarding this topic, I refuse to comment. Something, something about the 5th. amendment
    Thank You

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  11. W Cobb Dawg

    If Barrie is serious, he should set an example and forego his pay for a scholly – where he can work a 7 day per week job and take a full load of classes.


  12. uga97

    Complaints without solutions in otherworldly. Yep those are always wasted emotional calories.