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TFW culture is more than a catchphrase

Andy Staples’ comment about Darnell Washington brought a question to mind:  has Georgia already won this transfer portal cycle?

No, I’m not being facetious.  We’re past the May 1 deadline, and while it’s somewhere between uncertain and unlikely that Kirby Smart will sign anyone out of the portal, it’s a lot clearer that he isn’t losing any players of consequence beyond Jermaine Burton.  Despite rampant speculation to the contrary, Washington isn’t leaving.  Amerius Mims stuck his toe in the transfer pool, then changed his mind and decided to stay in Athens.

That’s two five-star kids who know the program.  I don’t know too many other programs this go ’round who have had a similar haul. (And that’s without even getting into Arik Gilbert!) Especially when you consider the post-natty mindset and the way talent is stacked in Athens, getting everyone they got to stick it out is quite a testament to what Smart has built.



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Today, in hubba hubba

Andy Staples ($$), bringing this morning’s Dawg porn:

… I think we’ll see that the way Georgia has recruited the past few years has allowed the Bulldogs to reload the way Alabama has under Nick Saban. This was always Saban’s fear, that someone would be able to fully tap the recruiting potential in Athens. Smart is that person…

In short, the offense will not have to carry Georgia. While the Bulldogs may not be historically dominant on that side of the ball for a second consecutive season, they’ll be good enough to beat up on most of their schedule. The offense will be different but could wind up being better than the 2021 version. Adding Arik Gilbert as either a tight end or a huge receiver — it’s really semantics at this point — means Georgia will be stressing defenses built smaller to deal with spread offenses. Sophomore tight end Brock Bowers likely will be the featured weapon in the passing game, and despite months of rumors, jumbo tight end Darnell Washington remains on the roster. This means Georgia is going to be throwing formations at defenses that they aren’t accustomed to seeing, and those formations are just as conducive to opening holes in the run game as they are creating mismatches in the pass game.

No one else in the SEC East has Georgia’s talent, and with Auburn down, no one on Georgia’s SEC schedule is on the same tier as the Bulldogs in terms of depth. The most complete roster Georgia will face in 2022 belongs to season-opener opponent Oregon.

Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em, peeps.


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Brothers in arms

The gentlemen running P5 athletics have shown themselves to be consumed with petty infighting over things like playoff expansion and television contracts in the wake of the SEC’s power grab of Oklahoma and Texas.  It’s good to know, though, that there’s still one thing that binds them together through thick and thin.

Doing it for the kids.

Amid unrest within college sports, two Power 5 commissioners are traveling to the nation’s capital to lobby lawmakers for the creation of federal legislation to regulate name, image and likeness (NIL), a U.S. Senate aide told Sports Illustrated on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff and SEC commissioner Greg Sankey will meet with U.S. senators on Capitol Hill to fight for a congressional mandate to regulate what has evolved into the NCAA’s latest festering problem. Sankey and Kliavkoff, two of the industry’s most influential leaders, are teaming up to encourage lawmakers to pass an NIL statute. They are also expected to seek senators’ help in preventing what they believe is another potential issue looming for college sports: employment status for college athletes.

Mark Emmert may be gone, but his spirit lives on.


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Taking stock of player development

Graham Coffey’s created a metric to measure the relative success of college football programs in developing talent.  I think it’s definitely of interest; see what you think.

You can quibble over using the NFL draft as the benchmark, I suppose.  My real bone to pick is over the name.  “The Development Quotient”?  Meh.  I think the Mullen Index has a much better snap to it.  (I keed, I keed… I think.)


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Justice, when it just means more

Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

Probably just a coincidence… or maybe not.

The study showed that, during the week following an LSU upset loss, judges in Louisiana handed out significantly harsher sentences to juvenile defendants and being in a bad mood was identified as one of the primary reasons why.

“The reaction of judges to an upset loss cannot be attributed to decision fatigue of judges because the impact of an upset loss lasts for one work week. They are, however, consistent with the hypothesis that emotional stress of judges of the stress induced by their environment (their spouse, their friends, peers, and so on) after the unexpected loss is responsible for this outcome.”

And if your judge happens to be an LSU grad, to boot?

“We find that the impact is significantly larger for judges who have received their bachelor’s degrees from LSU, which is meaningful to the extent these judges have stronger emotional connections to LSU.”

Bottom line advice:  don’t get arrested during football season, young man.


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