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The swinging dicks of the SEC East

In the SEC East, I’m not sure which is bigger, the talent gap between Georgia and the rest of the division, or…

… the bravado gap.



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“But certainly, yeah, there was a lot of talent on that defense.”

You want to know how good the NFL draft publicity is for Georgia on the recruiting trail?

“Preseason, we had one guy who was named all-conference, so that shows you what everyone knows,” ex-Georgia defensive coordinator Dan Lanning, now the head coach at Oregon, told the SEC Network after the draft. “We had great players and talent, but they never made (individual awards) their focus. They made playing well together their focus.”

Dan Lanning’s making hay with it… at Oregon.


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Making lemonade on the Plains

Speaking of horses, these are so far out of the barn (see what I did there?), there’s no point in closing the doors.

The deadline for players to enter the transfer portal and still retain immediate eligibility for the upcoming season came and went Sunday with Auburn unscathed.

Following a pre-spring exodus of players — 16 of them departing the program between the end of the season and the start of spring practices — Auburn did not endure any additional roster attrition after the completion of post-spring player evaluations.

Well, isn’t that impressive.

That Auburn didn’t experience any additional departures is a win for Harsin, especially when you consider the Tigers lost eight players after spring practices a year ago and when you factor in the slew of pre-spring departures this year…

And how did that work out?

The lack of post-spring departures provides Harsin and his program with some stability and continuity heading into the summer. That, naturally, is welcomed after a disappointing Year 1 that ended with a five-game losing streak and the program’s first losing record since 2012. The disappointing finish seemingly snowballed through the winter, with the staff overhaul, various player departures and the internal investigation that served as a prelude to Harsin’s second spring.

“Auburn Football — At least we stopped the bleeding!”  There’s an inspiring motto to rally behind in 2022.


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Today, in tortured analogies

Of all the hot takes in the world, this is certainly one of them.


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