“But certainly, yeah, there was a lot of talent on that defense.”

You want to know how good the NFL draft publicity is for Georgia on the recruiting trail?

“Preseason, we had one guy who was named all-conference, so that shows you what everyone knows,” ex-Georgia defensive coordinator Dan Lanning, now the head coach at Oregon, told the SEC Network after the draft. “We had great players and talent, but they never made (individual awards) their focus. They made playing well together their focus.”

Dan Lanning’s making hay with it… at Oregon.


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7 responses to ““But certainly, yeah, there was a lot of talent on that defense.”

  1. Ran A

    Thibodeaux leaving for the NFL did him a favor. I’ve read some snarky stuff about Walker being a risk. Walker’s no risk – but this guy… Most had him around 11 or 12 and he went at 5. He would have left Georgia and went to Florida.

    Believe Lanning will do quite well up there. Does tell you what SEC writer’s know though – doesn’t it? The funny thing, I think the Dawgs are going to start getting some of that same bounce Bama does with the SEC media. You think all those Orange colored fans are frustrated now… LOL


  2. archiecreek

    Good for Lanning to say it at duckville…
    That ain’t Kirby’s style to say it in Athens.
    You remember his halftime talk against the ditch lizards??
    “You don’t say shit!”
    “We’re fuqqing disciplined!”
    “I wanna break their sorry asses!”
    S’quse me,
    I’m going to find a wall to run through!

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  3. moe pritchett


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  4. Terry McCullers

    Discipline and team concepts are Kirby’s trademark

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  5. whb209

    That article is a very good recruiting aid, but the best recruiting aid is the fact that those 5 first round picks have a starting salary of
    $149,000,000.00 that is 149 million dollars
    Come play for UGA

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  6. Dawgfan1995

    The Packers GM’s closing statement sounded like it came from a Georgia recruiting video:

    “What they’re coming from is about as close as you can get to the National Football League. They do such a good job there training their players,” Gutekunst said. “They’ve been on the big stage, they’ve been in really big games; both these guys have played against NFL players their entire career — not only during games but during practice. So I think that is always extremely helpful for the transition to the National Football League.”

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  7. unionjackgin

    And to think that if their now GB teammate, Eric Stokes had stayed one more year the defense might have been even better. But he clearly made the right choice:

    “Stokes’ first-round selection might have seemed like something of a luxury in April, for a team that had Jaire Alexander and an apparent need in terms of offensive skill players. But then Alexander suffered a shoulder injury that’s kept him out since early October, and in the meantime, Stokes has played more defensive snaps than any other Packers cornerback, per NGS. He’s also been targeted more than any other Green Bay defender, and he’s answered the call, tying for sixth in the NFL in passes defensed (14). While his targeted EPA (-1.0) might not sparkle like Surtain’s, it is the second-best among rookies with at least 50 targets.”