Today, in tortured analogies

Of all the hot takes in the world, this is certainly one of them.



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21 responses to “Today, in tortured analogies

  1. drunkenmonken

    Missy state and / or Mike leach will never get to the cfp because you can’t take an ass to the Kentucky derby.

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  2. DawgStats

    Not even I went there after the race

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  3. What a truly stupid analogy by the Pirate.

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    • Down Island Way

      Sooooooo, coach dingleberry is saying here, a team doesn’t win a game allll season, yet can win the biggest game of the year…he knows it’s 4:20 somewhere…

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    • akascuba

      A self serving comment by a multi million $ paid CFB coach. What a surprise. The only way he gets to the CFP is with a game day ticket in the stands.

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  4. NotMyCrossToBear

    Good lord. Why don’t they let me in the finals of the mens 100m at the next Olympics? Maybe everyone else will blow both Achilles’ tendons out of the starting blocks and become incapacitated. I deserve a shot, right? Right?

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  5. 81Dog

    Mike isn’t even coaching one of the top 4 teams in the SEC West. He does, however, enjoy nothing so much as annoying the establishment coaching fraternity. This statement is simply a chance to do some off season conditioning before the heavy lifting of trying to upset one of his betters begins in earnest this fall.


  6. practicaldawg

    Never look a gift horse analogy in the mouth

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  7. Look, if we’re going to take Leach’s analogy 100% literally, he’s talking about putting the top 20 CFB teams on the field all at the same time and seeing who can score the most points. And if I’m being honest, I kinda wanna see that.

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    • trbodawg

      When I was in Jr. High, we played soccer with two teams of fifty kids each and six soccer balls. So kinda like that?


  8. ZeroPOINTzero

    Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!…

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  9. Castleberry

    I think it’s a perfect analogy for a different reason. Because no one gives a shit about any of those races leading up to yesterday.

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  10. ASEF

    An expanded playoff in the long run probably diverts more money to the top of the heap and means less for conference also-rans like Miss St.

    Brilliant, Mike

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  11. Say your program isn’t able to get good enough to make the CFP Playoff without saying your program isn’t able to get good enough to make the CFP Playoff.

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  12. Terry McCullers

    Hey Leach, you got to get to the sandbox before you can play in it


  13. Shewdawg

    Well, Hells Bells. By that logic they should let more horses in the race too.

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  14. uga97

    Wrong analogy. If that horse hadn’t won any races, it wouldn’t have advanced to the next rounds & the finals. Thanks for playing Leach.


  15. stoopnagle

    Of course Mike Leach would want a system where the best horse doesn’t win.