Soaring Gators

If you haven’t heard, the Gators had a huge recruiting weekend.  Huge.

Florida football and head coach Billy Napier had quite a great Saturday. They landed two commits from four-star offensive tackle Knijeah Harris and four-star athlete Creed Whittemore, the younger brother of current receiver Trent Whittemore. UF entered Saturday at No. 53 in the 247Sports team recruiting rankings but emerged at No. 34 after the commitments.

They currently hold four verbal commitments in their 2023 recruiting class from Harris, Whittemore as well as four-star athlete Aaron Gates and three-star wide receiver Tyree Patterson. Florida currently sits just behind the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Gators fans shouldn’t panic at their team ranking just yet because it is still just May and realize their team only has four pledges. Looking at all the teams ahead of Florida, the Crimson Tide is the only program to hold fewer commits with three while LSU, Clemson and Oklahoma have four, too.

If fans want to make judgments about the Gators’ class, they should look at the average recruits’ ranking, which sits at 88.82. That number currently ranks 16th best out of all the programs ahead of them.

Sixteenth, mofos!  Judge that.

Sounds awesome (well, for Florida, maybe), until you take a peek at the current SEC recruiting numbers over at the 247Sports Composite, where you will discover nine programs with better averages.  Including Auburn, with a head coach on life support.

Technically speaking, you can say Florida is closing the recruiting gap between itself and Georgia.  After all, Georgia remains mired in first place.


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27 responses to “Soaring Gators

  1. Anon

    When Arch commits — no catching us for 1 spot

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  2. MGW

    Oh man…. When you’re hanging your hat on spring recruiting rankings in the teens, you got problems.

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  3. olddawg22

    Let’s just say them gayturds eyesight ain’t that good!
    F T M F !

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  4. artistformerlyknownasbman

    In Hogtown, every year is a gap year. FTMF.

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  5. Terry McCullers

    They can say and do anything. But the gap is still widening. # FTMF

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  6. biggusrickus

    At least one of them had offers from other major programs. That’s something.

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  7. biggusrickus

    I glanced at their comment thread on these guys, and they’re way more positive than I would be at this point. And on the next name likely to “pop”, they called for a three-star offensive lineman. I don’t get Gator fans.

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  8. 81Dog


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  9. Bonus: Ga has an easier strength of schedule than Fl because they don’t have to play Ga.

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    • Down Island Way

      Advantage FU… UGA football has to practice aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat least 3 times a week vs UGA football, then has to view organized film study of UGA football…where as, FU practices against FU dummies…#FTMF

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    • 81Dog



  10. godawgs1701

    It’s way too early to be looking at recruiting rankings. I remember a few years ago when Georgia only had like, three guys at this point in the year and everyone was yelling that the sky was falling. We’ll see what Billy Napier can do down there, but I suspect he’s going to be able to recruit.

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  11. Darin Cochran

    Don’t wanna stray too far off subject, but since someone above brought it up, I been reading on other threads that the Tide is probably already got a silent commit from Eli Holstein, #6 QB in the 2023 class. I’d say that bodes well for our chances to land Arch Manning. There are some top secret inside operatives who swear they attend Manning family Christmas get-togethers and keep insisting that Manning is going to the Tide. But it’s really starting to look like we got a great chance. Texas is making a push, but gees….they suck. Losing record, NO one drafted…zero player development, etc. etc. etc. Come to UGA where a true freshman (Fromm) led us to the NC game, or a former walk-on QB is about to have a statue built of him on campus. I think he’s a dawg. Any of you guys/gals got any 411 on Manning as of late?

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    • miltondawg

      Call it my Dawg pessimism, but I just find it hard to imagine Manning coming to Athens with all the people already in that QB room. That being said, if you are the next Peyton it is hard to imagine picking Texas and going somewhere devoid of talent.

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      • Gaskilldawg

        Call it my typical foolish optimism but I suspect that a Manning isn’t intimidated by competition. Payton signed knowing that there was an experienced upperclassman ahead of him and a highly touted freshman QB in the same class.

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  12. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    the gap difference is as big as the delta between the start of the Flint in N. GA to its width found around Newton and Bainbridge.
    Les turds mangent boogers!

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    • archiecreek

      Damn good analogy Apalach! with redneck Francais to boot!
      Chocked full of local geography and references!
      C’est exeptionnel!!


  13. mg4life0331

    Wow all this and the game changing coordinator hasn’t even been implemented. Sky’s the limit.

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  14. FU is number 34 with a bullet…and they’re turning cartwheels…now that is some funny shit for a Monday morning, gracias Bluto.

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  15. practicaldawg

    NIL aside, it’s crazy to think about the gap in recruiting sales pitches between Billy and his foes Kirby and Saban. Saban and Kirby can point to championships and mega NFL deals. Billy’s pitch is “you are guaranteed playing time because we have so many holes in our roster.”

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  16. David D

    Kirby’s recrootin’ pitch: I wanna fukkin’ eat! I want you to eat, and you, and you. Do you wanna eat? SHOW ME!

    Napier’s recrootin’ pitch: We got spirit yes we do we got spirit how ’bout you?

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    • dawg100

      And yet somehow that goes over pretty well on those in-home visits.

      “Dad, Sis, MOMMA, I wanna fukkin’ eat! I want you to eat, and you, and you. Do you wanna eat? SHOW ME!”

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  17. Granthams Replacement

    I coached Aaron Gates on a 9u flag football team. Extremely disappointed he’s going to FU. Good kid from a good family.