The sack master who didn’t sack

So, one thing that suddenly struck me after watching the national championship replay for the umpteenth time was the absence of a name during Georgia’s fourth quarter scoring spree.  No, I’m not talking about Metchie or Williams.

I’m talking about Will Anderson.

Dial up the clip of the game to about the 2:19 mark and watch the line play on Georgia’s two offensive scoring drives.  Both tackles stone Anderson, repeatedly.  Monken makes more of an effort to run plays away from Anderson’s side of the field (much like he did in the Michigan game).  And the only time the announcers mention Anderson’s name is to remark that he could have been called for a late hit on Bennett.  He’s pretty much a non-entity.

It’s a stunning turnaround from the start of the game, when he appeared to be shutting down Georgia’s offense on his own.  It’s also a big reason why Georgia managed to score more touchdowns over a six-minute stretch than ‘Bama did during the entire game, with or without Williams.

By the way, in case you forgot, both Jones and McClendon are back this season.


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  1. timphd

    Glad to know I am not the only one to watch the replay “Umpteen times”. Monken is great at scheming but our tackles did hold up well against a guy who will probably be a top five NFL pick next year.

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    • miltondawg

      If the teams selecting first or second (e.g. Jacksonville) already have their QB in place, my guess is that Anderson goes in one of those slots.

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  2. Ran A

    Jones made coming in at LT and moving Salyer to the guard position was a difference maker. You hit Senator. Jones is playing so well, that Mimms was willing to leave. Look for that guy to find time on the field as well. OL is in pretty good shape kids…

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  3. Kicking Sayler to guard, which literally everyone in my group text was screaming for since Clemson won UGA a NC.

    On the one hand, it’s strange that it took so long. On the other, I wonder if Kirby and Monken knew that card was out there the entire season and were quietly building towards it.

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    • RangerRuss

      Agreed GTG. It’s Salyer’s natural position and I think Jones was growing into the LT job.
      Good to see you posting ol buddy ol pal.

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  4. unionjackgin

    I mentioned comments a few times that I thought that Bama’s frosh LB – Dallas Turner had more of an impact on the NC game than Anderson did.

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  5. bulldogbry

    Man, I love watching that quarter of football. KennyMac’s juggling catch, Zeus just pounding away up the gut, and I never noticed how on Ringo’s pick, Tindall was getting knocked completely back, but holding his block on a massive lineman.

    As far as Anderson, the only screen time he got was when he was listening to the refs discussing the late hit on Stet’s helmet after the Bowers TD.

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  6. Terry McCullers

    I don’t know who drafted Slayer but I think that’s the steal of the draft

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  7. Darin Cochran

    Senator, do you think they move Mims over to OG, just to get the five best guys on the field? I’m having doubts (though I’m certainly no expert) that Tate is going to be able to just waltz back in and get his starting job back. Lower body strength is important to O-linemen, and with his foot injury, he can’t squat and do cleans and stuff while the other guys are clanging and banging, as the Rock says. So…I’d say this puts him way behind. What’s your take on the OG position?


    • I couldn’t figure out how Ratledge won a starting job in the first place, until I watched him at G-Day. He’s the best pulling guard they have. If he’s healthy, he’s starting.

      I think Mims’ greatest value at the moment is insurance for 2023, when I expect both Jones and McClendon will be gone.

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  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Limit Anderson’s impact and bama is a much different D. Jittery Bama fans would make coffee nervous if Anderson wasn’t returning.

    Their front 7 is slowly deteriorating each year as Saban nears his inevitable retirement.

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    • Down Island Way

      Should all the above be true, UGA football will find out the VALUE of the out going O-Line coach vs the in coming O-Line coach…GO DAWGS!

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  9. I still find it interesting that Kirby didn’t recruit Will Anderson, at all. I guess he didn’t fit our defense? That said, he got his ass kicked in the 4th. Jones manhandled him one on one several times.

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    • silvercreekdawg

      “Kirby didn’t recruit Will Anderson” is a misnomer. We recruited him, just not as hard as we did MJ Sherman, who Lanning/Schumann liked better. Plus, WA didn’t really blow up until his senior year and by that time, we were pot-committed with Sherman.

      Had we gone after Anderson like we did Sherman, WA (who wanted to be a Dawg by most accounts that I read) would be in Athens. We took the higher-rated guy, who hasn’t been able to stay healthy.


      • I mean, we didn’t offer Anderson a scholarship, so I don’t think “did not recruit him” is a misnomer. It is what it is. Kirby wiffed on that one.


  10. Ran A

    All the reports coming out of Tuscaloosa is how dominating their defense has been. They think they are going to be pretty good on that side of the ball. The area they seem to continue to struggle with is the O-Line. Hate to give a Tech guy any credit, but it seems like those struggles starting after Brent Key left Bama to come home and work for Collins. This and having to hit the portal two years in a row at the receiver position.

    Coming into spring, it appeared that Georgia was a little thin at receiver (although I think most of that was resolved this spring, with Blaylock and Jackson starting to look like their old selves.). And a little thin in the secondary (losses to the portal last year didn’t help).

    I think Georgia has lost more to the portal than Bama has; so that comes down to evaluation, recruiting and development. Will be interesting to see how good both of these teams are on both sides of the ball as the season goes along.

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  11. practicaldawg

    Without Metchie and Williams available to play DL, it made it easy to double team Anderson

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  12. RangerRuss

    The final 10 minutes Bama had one really exciting play. The sack on SBIV. The MVP then hit AD Mitchell for a 40 yard TD strike next play, so that sack was nullified. It was all coming up Dawgs from then on.
    That dominance at the end showed me that of the two basically evenly matched teams Georgia was the better conditioned and coached.
    Suck it Gumps.

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  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    But isn’t Will Anderson the BEST returning defensive player in THE WHOLE COUNTRY?


  14. Anderson was playing injured after his feelings were hurt in the 1st Q.

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  15. whb209

    When you need to negate one player you can either run away from him or run right at him. The trick is to know where he will be in each O set. Please pay Coach Monken. Coach Monken took him out of the game.

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  16. Has UGA (or anyone else) come out with a box set of Blu-ray DVDs for the entire season or anything like that?