Uneasy lies the SEC East crown.

At least in the minds of some…

I take it BOLD means pulling something completely out of your ass.  It’s like talent accumulation over the past four seasons accounts for little.

Of course, that’s just some talking head trying to stir up chatter.  What, though, to make of an SEC assistant coach who says this?

… At the end of his appearance on Kentucky Sports Radio today, Marrow reflected on Kentucky’s performance vs. Georgia in recent years. The hype for the 2018 game vs. the No. 6 Bulldogs in Lexington was huge, but the Cats lost 34-17. A year later, Kentucky got shut out 21-0. In 2020, Georgia won 14-3. Last season, the Cats scored two touchdowns vs. the No. 1 Bulldogs in Athens, which no other team had done at that point of the season; however, costly errors led to a 30-17 loss.

“In [2018], we were not ready for that game,” Marrow said. “But when we played them last year and went down there, I’m telling you, our guys went in and we were not — we really thought we would win that game. I don’t think you remember, but we had three field goals blocked. Wan’Dale [Robinson] drops the touchdown pass and then we missed the field goal on that and then we had two more field goals blocked. So we lost 30-17. I’m just telling you, if we picked that fumble up — the one they said wasn’t a fumble — that’s a different game because now they’re only up by three and we’re going into halftime.”

Apparently, some reminders about that 2021 game are in order.  First, here’s ESPN’s win probability chart:

Georgia’s win probability never dropped below 90% that day.  I guess that “if we hadn’t fucked up so much, we could have made the game closer” line of thought didn’t have much impact on the numbers.  A couple more statistical morsels:

  • Georgia’s yards per passing attempt:  12.5.  Kentucky’s yards per passing attempt:  4.6.
  • Georgia’s yards per rushing attempt:  6.1.  Kentucky’s yards per rushing attempt:  1.9.

And let’s not forget that the ‘Cats closed the game out with an epic 22-play scoring drive that lasted almost eleven and a half minutes, cutting the final margin to 13 17 points.

Somehow that gets you to the stuff that dreams are made of.

“This year — again, you take every game [seriously] — but I think it’s gonna come down to that game. November 19. Here. The second to last game. It’s gonna be cold, probably. Kroger Field’s gonna be rocking. It’ll be cold. It’ll be a good time to play some football.”

And how?

“The strength is our quarterback. I think starting with him, we return three starters on the offensive line. Our tight ends are back, which is a very talented room. All of our running backs. Receivers.

Wow.  Lucky for Marrow Georgia can’t match that.

I’m beginning to think this season’s vibes are gonna be a little weirder than usual.



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  1. uga97

    Shorter Kentucky: Metchie & Williams were out for the game.

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  2. I was pondering this very thing this morning. It is…interesting how flimsy the reasoning looks and how desperate the justifications sound when you are the clear top team in your division.

    Also, please don’t look at anything I posted from 2005-2016.

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Who is Michael W. Bratton?

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  4. DawgStats

    Forget it Sen, it’s @Twitter Season (Finebaum ain’t gonna bring you on to say UGA is gonna cover v So Car)

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  5. Anon

    Still can’t believe we didn’t cover that spread in 2020. EZ money should have been


  6. Dawgfan1995

    I’ve seen the word “wishcasting” used in baseball to project a player who has all kinds of physical tools but no results to go with those tools to have a season that somehow matches the tools.

    I wonder what it would be called when you don’t have the tools or the past performance. Catscasting?

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    • Comin' Down The Track

      Your comment reminded me of this:

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      • Dawgfan1995

        A great example. If he could have ever learned to control the strike zone just a little better…

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      • RangerRuss

        Francoeur is good people. My Clemson buddy, Grant, was all yik yik yok yok out the side of his fuckn neck when Jeff committed to those taters. Grant was pissed when Franky played pro baseball instead. He was downright apoplectic when Francoeur was spotted on national TV sporting Dawg gear. He knew they’d been had. Hehehehe
        Clemson sucks.

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  7. biggusrickus

    The final was actually 30-13, so their epic 22 play drive actually only cut the lead to 17. Also, what the fuck is he talking about on the missed field goals? They had three scoring opportunities, converting two TDs and having a field goal blocked. Their other drives amounted to 26 plays for 41 yards.

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  8. Bold predictions indeed…doesn’t guess as to who will win the Ark & Bama game…no sticking the neck out there…hack


  9. siskey

    Anytime Kentucky beats us it is an upset but 2022 would be the biggest upset loss against Kentucky in my lifetime, this year’s team doesn’t have freshman Matt Stafford or Joe Cox at Quarterback.
    I was at last year’s game (and the game in 2009) and there was a big difference in where Georgia is today versus then. Kentucky is much better too but not enough for it to be any closer than last year.
    I was also at the 2018 game there in Lexington and it was a great atmosphere and a really cool city but not anything like a hostile environment. The vast majority of this team has played in SEC Championship games, multiple Cocktail parties and the Semifinals and Finals of the Playoff, I can’t see a little cold or weather making any impact on Kentucky being able to block or tackle guys who are bigger, faster, stronger and better than they are. That being said I hope Kentucky beats the shit out of Florida, and Tennessee.

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    • I was at that game and just remember that cut that swift made on a run that looked like he was on a different level that everyone else. UK fan said after the game ‘man ya’ll got some athletes’, but apparently they are choosing to forget that this year.

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      • siskey

        That bakery as you leave town has the best donuts I have ever had. If you go back you’ll know the place by the huge line at 7 am on a Sunday morning.

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Of all the dumbass “writers” at SDS, Michael Bratton sure is one of them.

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  11. silverbritches02

    “Kroger Field is gonna be rocking.”


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  12. Ran A

    Yep, we are apparently in for a long year. Kentucky is beating us, UTjr. is beating us, USCjr. is beating us. Interesting enough, the two schools in Orange usually running their mouths (Auburn and Florida) are not talking about beating us.

    You would think that after the last few years they would have it figured out that Georgia isn’t the Alabama of the East – Georgia is the GEORGIA of the East – the program that “everybody” said they hoped would never happen.

    Well guess what? It’s happened and it’s LOADED…

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  13. miltondawg

    Have the SEC’s selection criteria for the SECCG game changed? Because I could have sworn that it was overall conference record that was the first criteria. So UT would have to beat Georgia and avoid losing any other game (including LSU on the road and Bama at home) if Georgia won their other 7 SEC matchups.


  14. moe pritchett

    Don’t see us taking an L vs USC Lite.
    But Vawls could be a 1 or 2 L team coming to Athens….but they can’t win in Athens this year. Methinks the Dawgs offense will be rolling.
    Kentucky…..it’s a good blue color, but ain’t no D in Lexington.

    And why the hell does everyone think Georgias defense is all of a sudden just gonna sick and give up 21ppg?! Jesus. It may fall off some but this defense is still gonna be nasty.


    • stoopnagle

      “Georgia’s defense is going to drop off after losing all that talent to the NFL” is a perfectly legitimate and reasonable statement.

      UGA’s defense will go from giving up 10 points a game to something like 13-15 points a game. IOW, still a top 5 defense in the nation.

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  15. charlottedawg

    I’d put South Carolina upsetting us as the most likely of those 3 scenarios (by that I mean maybe a 30% chance of it happening vs a less than 10% chance of the other 2 happening). That’s mostly because I think Shane Beamer will turn out to be a decent coach and if he can put rattler in a position to succeed and they have a good day in Columbia they could certainly pull off a repeat of 2019.

    For #3 until proven otherwise Tennessee starts off every year with 3 automatic losses at a MINIMUM on their schedule: us, Alabama and Florida (they’ve lost 16 out of the last 17 to Florida which includes the 4-7 2017 team and the 4-8 2013 team)

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  16. Russ

    I hope Kentucky keeps on talking.

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  17. D.N. Nation

    “Kroger Field’s gonna be rocking.”



    • fisheriesdawg

      I’m taking the family, so hopefully we contribute to some of that rocking (at least in one corner of the stadium) as we go up four scores.


  18. Nil Butron is a Pud

    I do have to give some love to UK as their FL t-shirt is one of my favorite ones of the past few years:

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  19. stoopnagle

    Does the number “12” mean anything to anyone?

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    • stoopnagle

      Also, everyone talking about Georgia losing a conference game this year, but their thinking doesn’t match-up with my own. The game I’m most anxious for is in November in Starkville. First, it’s coming on the heels of big divisional games in Jacksonville and versus Tennessee; second, it’s a road game versus a SEC West team which we’ve had trouble with in the past; as far as road environments go, those cowbells are no lie; and finally, they’ve got a quarterback and a system that is going to stretch our secondary which, if anywhere on our defense, is our weakness. I remember the 2020 game and we had to go up and down the field with them to win. And that was Leach’s first year there. I think this is one of those scary road games that’ll be easy to overlook after we beat the Gators and Vols back-to-back and with the supposed showdown at “ROCKING KROGER FIELD” looming as a look-ahead game (that’s a bit sarcastic).

      If we lose one, this is the one I’d predict.

      (Which means we’ll win by 20 now).

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      • Russ

        I agree with you. I may drive over to Starkvegas for that game. I don’t think it will be easy.

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        • siskey

          I am going to go to that one too. I have never been to Starkville and can stay with some friends in Birmingham before and after. Leach is a good coach against teams that aren’t well coached so I think we will be ok.


  20. mg4life0331

    I got a bold prediction.

    The Senator sets up a weekly drawing to for a lucky winner borrow his Porsche.

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  21. owensborodawg

    Oh my goodness the kitties can surely talk. I get stuff from their fans every other day about their QB or their returning OL or this or that. It would be kind of cute, if not so annoying. They have been trying so hard to forget the end of the basketball season that they have convinced themselves that they can legitimately compete with us in the fall. The articles about their supposedly championship worthy football team are endless. I just nod and look interested, as I imagine us hanging 50 on them with TEs and RBs WRs they cannot hope to contain.

    I think they’ve imbibed too much bourbon, honestly. But then again, so have I. Y’all come to the commonwealth this November. Have a drink or two enjoy the beating our Dawgs will unleash.

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    • Texas Dawg

      Seems some of the Kentucky faithful have started drinking a little too early
      Jon Hale, Louisville Courier Journal
      Mon, May 9, 2022
      Star Kentucky football running back Chris Rodriguez was arrested early Sunday morning on charges of driving under the influence and careless driving.

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