What is the deal with Will Levis?

Not being snarky here.  But how does a kid coming off a season when he finished sixth in the conference with a middling passer rating of 147.99 jump to this halfway through the following offseason?

I mean, I watched him against Georgia.  He threw a lot of passes and wasn’t intercepted, but it was a day of dinks and dunks (he only averaged 4.2 ypa).  He did have a couple of nice scrambles, but nobody is going to confuse him with a burner.

So how did we get from there to here?

Now Stoops says Levis can be the first quarterback taken in next year’s NFL Draft. Two scouts I spoke with last week say that’s not hyperbole.

Both scouts, without prompting, brought up the meteoric rise of Burrow.

From a project recruit, to a run-only option, to Joe Burrow comparisons.

Joe Burrow comparisons.  Jeebus.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think the kid plays for Malzahn.



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24 responses to “What is the deal with Will Levis?

  1. stoopnagle

    Once you get all those recruiting stars, they never go away.


  2. Granthams Replacement

    The result of how most writers/analysts/ anyone with a internet connection over hyping to draw attention to themselves. Selling subscriptions or ad time is what’s important. Perfect example – go back and read Mike Griffith’s articles on the UGA basketball transfers in 2021. Then compare the basketball team’s performance to his description of the players.

    Senator – your assessments of players, teams and coaches is closer to reality than 95% of “analysts” . I’ve said it many times – Thank you again for your work here.

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  3. psyopdawg

    Journalist clickbait


  4. Ran A

    Burrow? Stop it… They are setting this kid up to disappoint from the get-go. One other thought… Did they also compare Kentucky’s O-Line and WR’S to LSU’s as well? No?


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  5. MGW

    Without looking him up I’m going to take a guess…. He’s 6’4”+ and can throw it a mile?

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  6. Levis looked lost in Athens last year. When you average 4.2 yards per attempt, that isn’t good. When you had to call timeouts in garbage time to get your last TD, that ain’t good either.

    Speaking of BBN, apparently, their TE coach and recruiting coordinator had a bunch of “woulda, coulda, shoulda” on the radio about how close they are to us and was crowing about playing us in November in the cold this fall. The last time we went there in November we beat the living daylights out of them.

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    • Down Island Way

      Multiple opposing qb’s vs UGA football “D” didn’t fair very well (looking at you meeshigun), is the uk staff comparing this qb to joe burrow 2017, 2015?…will UGA football deal with that “late timeout td”, very interested to see, don’t see it happening with a 25-30 point lead, still, interested…(cause,that was pure B.S.)…GO DAWGS!


  7. akascuba

    Levis being the top player taken is less likely than his team wins the SEC title. Actual game performance will kill this growing meme quickly.

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  8. ASEF

    Kenny Pickett would be the comparison – if Levis indeed blows up.

    Pedestrian numbers all the way through, light bulb goes off in his final season (or he caught lightning in a bottle in a very down conference), and he jumps from UDFA to round 1.

    Levis is in a great spot though. NFL execs love to imagine QBs are something they’re not and badly overdraft them. Kentucky’s offense will allow him to tantalize without ever making him put the team on his shoulders.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    The 80 to 1 horse that won the Derby has a better chance of being drafted #1.


  10. unionjackgin

    Because analysts and draftniks are enamored by his level of grittiness.


  11. classiccitycanine

    That’s nothing. I heard Mel Kiper describe Florida’s Anthony Richardson as the third best QB in next year’s draft behind Young and Stroud. Can you believe that?

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  12. archiecreek

    Chickenshit coach + Chickenshit program =??


  13. bmacdawg87

    I hate this for Will Levis. He’s been a solid QB for them and even if he improves this year, when he’s not Joe Burrow after all this talk, people are going to see him as nothing but a disappointment.

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  14. 123 Fake St

    Raise your hand if you had Travon Walker going #1 overall this time last year.

    Still, I don’t see Levi’s going in the top ten. He’s really going to miss Kennard and Wandale Robinson.


  15. divingduck7

    He reminded me of Kyle trask. But… not as good?


  16. Harold Miller

    Kentucky really seems to be channeling their inner Auburn.

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  17. Give them credit…jumped right past leading Heisman candidate to #1 NFL pick. That’s the marketing/recruiting department staking-out new territory in the off-season. USCe, Vols and Auburn are all smacking their heads over that missed opportunity.


  18. godawgs1701

    will Levis is 2022 Spender Rattler.

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