An admission against interest

Talk about your classic “damn, son, I don’t think I’d have said that” quote:

“(The schedule) just so happens to be one of the toughest every year, and I think that’s also just a product, obviously, of the league, but then when your archrival is in another league and they are who they are, it’s just going to make for a tough schedule,” athletic director Todd Stansbury said in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  [Emphasis added.]

I guess Coach 404 just got a pass on competing in Athens this season.  Sheesh.


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34 responses to “An admission against interest

  1. MGW

    Honestly, whoever their coach is deserves a pass for at least the next 5 years. They f’n suuuuuck.


  2. David D

    The .gif of Alec Ogletree body slamming that midget Tech running back suddenly just popped into my mind…

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  3. 81Dog

    Go ahead, Todd. Say it. They’re “THE DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, WHO WE HAVEN’T BEATEN IN ATLANTA THIS CENTURY, DURING WHICH TIME WE ARE A HEARTY 4-15 AGAINST THEM, AND WINLESS SINCE THEY GIFTED US 2016.” Kirby needs to give them a beatdown, then another, then 2 more. No mercy until we have an 8 game win streak. No mercy after that, either. FTMF. 🙂

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  4. I’m sure StinkTalk is in meltdown mode over this comment by Stansbury.

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  5. Godawg

    Guess the knuckleheads at Stingtalk got tired of being laughed at. Won’t let anyone read their threads anymore.


  6. Transitioning from the 3O back to a 21st-century offense was the kind of heavy lift that really required an established, program-builder kind of guy. Geoff Collins ain’t that dude, and never was.

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    • jcdawg83

      No one ever addresses why the tech defense has been so abysmal under Gee-off. Johnson never had world beater defenses but they were always at least competent. Transitioning the offense was going to be a pretty big job, especially the offensive line, but the defense shouldn’t have been such a big deal.

      I hope Gee-off gets a lifetime contract.

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      • Harold Miller

        I’m going to disagree here. I would like to see this team be at least competitive to some degree just for the sake of strength of schedule. Right now they are essentially a FCS team.


        • Don’t care at all about strength of schedule when pertaining to tech. Hope they are terrible for as long as I’m on this planet! We’ll get plenty of strong teams from scheduling, conference & the SEC championship game. I rather enjoy 45-0 or even worse, hopefully 65-0!

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  7. I’m almost forty and my teenage self would not have fathomed the gulf that now sits between the two schools. Georgia was generally the better program all around but currently they’re barely playing the same sport.

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    • 79dawg

      The million dollar question is, will any Trekkies actually bother to come to Athens this November? Other than a single student running his mouth waiting to get in the gates before the game, last year most of their fans wouldn’t even look you in the eye – sad!


    • jcdawg83

      In the 70s and 80s, the programs were competitive with each other even though Georgia won the majority of the games. Since 1990, tech has only managed 6 wins in the series. If not for Richt’s bonehead pooch kick blunder in 2014 and Kirby’s gift in 2016 they would have 4 wins in 30 tries and Georgia would be on a12 game winning streak.

      To put that in perspective; Vanderbilt has 5 wins in the same time frame.

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  8. Russ

    One step closer to making them ask out of the series.

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  9. Ran A

    Mentioned it multiple times, but the game at Mark Richt Field (acknowledging where I heard this first and without shame, use it all the time), was something to see.

    The only sense you needed that day was your eyes. 50,000 capacity and easily over 40,000 were Dawgs with some empty seats. It was their Senior Day; I honestly think that two years from now, they’ll hold it the game before (and they should). I actually felt sorry for their Seniors – really did. If there was one Tech recruit at that game; can almost promise you – it killed any chance of playing for the Jackets.

    Pure domination on the field, allowing the clock to run in the 2nd half. I’ve never seen this done in a college game in person or on TV.

    Finally, Georgia may be their arch-rival. They are no longer Georgia’s. They might want to start a series up with Georgia State. It honestly makes more sense.

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I wonder how the Nerds over on StinkTalk feel about that? Anyone want to descend into that hive of scum and villainy to find out? 😉

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  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    Other than us, is their schedule that tough? A more accurate statement would be:
    “(The schedule) just so happens to be one of the toughest every year, because of your archrival who is in another league and they are who they are”
    Todd you’re in the ACC, and not even in the same division as Klimpzen.


    • jcdawg83

      To be fair; when you suck as bad as tech does, any schedule is tough.

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      • Down Island Way

        Hey, nerdfootball, don’t blame UGA football for the up coming “zero win” season…But, you can blame UGA football for the annual ass whipping coming your way…GO DAWGS!


    • PTC DAWG

      They play Ole Miss, UGA and UCF along with Western Carolina this year OOC.


    • They play Clemson every year as their cross-over game.

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    • Jeremiah Stevens

      They have to play Clemson, FSU, and VaTech every year. Granted, of those, only Clemson would make a program like ours think twice, but Tech isn’t a program like ours. They start every year guaranteed two losses and counting on an FCS win. In the remaining nine games, they need to win 5 to get to bowl eligibility, and at least FSU and VaTech can usually be counted upon to be better than they are.

      Bottom line: In most years, Tech has to overperform their projection to be a bowl team. That’s miserable.

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  12. Clayton Joiner

    Just setting expectations and the stage for when he retains 404 another year.

    Go Dawgs!


  13. godawgs1701

    The AD is just getting to work now on softening the blow… Thanks to the gift of the SEC’s COVID scheduling in 2020, Geoff Collins has never had to bring his team to Athens to play the Dawgs on their home turf. Not that Bobby Dodd has given much of a home field advantage for the Jackets, it was a redout in both games. But I have a feeling that playing the defending national champions in front of 93,000 people, 87 or 88,000 of whom will probably be Dawg fans, is not going to be a lot of fun for Tech.


    • jcdawg83

      I bet there aren’t 2,500 tech fans in Sanford this year unless the nerds somehow manage to have 5 wins at that point and a win would make them bowl eligible. I really don’t foresee that being the case and if they aren’t going to their home games they sure aren’t going to away games.


  14. archiecreek

    Teams sux, fans sux, school sux, coach sux, color scheme sux, prison (campus) sux, fight song sux…
    fuq’n cesspool of the state!!

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  15. uga97

    Wow, an AD posturing for his last remaining fans to witness another lost, bowless season. Didn’t he already know who UGA was when he signed up for the job? Im pretty sure he worked for tech a long time ago. “…When your archrival is in another league…” ummm WTF Todd, that’s YOUR archrival, not the media guy’s, nor anyone else’s. Someone speaking about an opponent, with a singular second person pronoun is dodgey & pathetic, especially coming from an AD who is currently overseeing the budgets of their highest $ producing sport, which happens to be deep in the shitter. But, glad he sobered up a moment and references us, both literally and figurativelyb as being in “another league”. Good luck to the gnats on the flats, good F’ing luck.


  16. practicaldawg

    The worst mistake GT ever made was somehow beating Kirby in 2016. Every year he’s HC at UGA, he will punish them for that.


  17. Tech is getting everything they deserve.


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