Early 2022 betting lines

Via FanDuel Sportsbook, here are some spreads for SEC games:

  • Utah at Florida -2.5
  • Oregon vs. Georgia -16.5
  • FSU vs. LSU -4.5
  • Tennessee -4 at Pitt
  • Kentucky at Florida -4
  • Alabama -15 at Texas
  • Miami at Texas A&M -9
  • Ole Miss -10 at Georgia Tech
  • Penn State -1 at Auburn
  • Arkansas at Texas A&M -7.5
  • Alabama -17 at Arkansas
  • Texas A&M at Alabama -16
  • Alabama -16.5 at Tennessee
  • LSU at Florida -3
  • Ole Miss at LSU -2.5

Roll Tide, baby.

I will say Florida is getting more respect than I expected.  More than LSU is, anyway.

What do y’all see there?


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38 responses to “Early 2022 betting lines

  1. ZeroPOINTzero

    I’d take that Penn State pick over AU and TN over Pitt.

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  2. RangerRuss

    The one glaring at me is Ole Miss -10 at tech. Was tech born again hard during the off season?
    There’s more than one reason I don’t bet on anything I can’t control.

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  3. Derek

    That OM at yech line looks like a winner.

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  4. rigger92

    If I were a betting man I’d take Ole Miss at tech and State Penn at AU at those spreads.

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    • TEXBaller

      I am a betting man….
      Ducks +16.5
      Noles +4.5
      Horns + 15 @ DKR

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      • Russ

        That Texas game is probably the closest for me. I can see Texas getting jacked up and playing Bama close, but I can still see Bama pulling away late. Not a betting man, but that’s one I certainly wouldn’t touch.


  5. moe pritchett

    Take the Pigs and the points over AM

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  6. uga97

    Billy Goat Gruff’s first home game vs the Ute’s already got his sphincter puckered tight.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    There has been a lot of love for Billy Napier from many corners. What does he have in the cupboard?


    • moe pritchett

      Weak OL but other than that it’s bare. Maybe a decent RB. He ain’t got much, but he’s overall a good coach, so maybe he can cobble some things together.


    • Biggen

      If UF wins more than 7 I’d be surprised to be honest.

      I know betting lines are no more than “guesses” but I’m not sure how a betting line can already be set for the second week of the season. There is no telling what happens to either UF or UK the first week (or even Spring practice!).


    • originaluglydawg

      He’s got Florida’s horrible heat and humidity going for him. It’s hot in Utah but the humidity is so low you can go stand in the shade and freeze.
      It’s going to be tough for the Utes to prepare for.

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  8. jim1886

    Utah and Kentucky beats Florida.

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  9. theotherdoug

    Utah has to replace some guys that were big contributors and the heat/humidity will be tough for them.

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  10. David D

    Tech is going to be epically bad this year. Ole Miss at -10 is a bargain.

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  11. Sweet D

    Florida gets everybody at home, otherwise they are all toss ups.


  12. whb209

    FanDuel loves them some Alabama. They start with AL. up by 2 TD”s then they add some more.


  13. Bama is going to blow that -16 up over the Ag Cult. I imagine Saban has had that game circled since the Cult stormed the field in College Station.


    • Harold Miller

      A&M is a cult, Auburn is a cult, Clemson is a cult, we are getting close to a cult conference here. I wonder if Ian Astbury would be their Commissioner?


  14. practicaldawg

    I was told that literally no one is talking about Georgia right now

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  15. Russ

    The Oregon game seems high to me. Early game, Lanning on the other sideline, Kirby will play it close to the vest and we’ll just smother them. I can see us controlling the game but only winning by 7-10 points.

    Take Arky and the points against the Aggies.

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  16. bmacdawg87

    I’m tempted to take the penalties, withdraw my entire 401K and put it on OM over the fightin 404s at -10

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  17. Remember friends…take Dawgs to cover, bet the under. Now, with a young D and explosive O this year, the over might be in play more.

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  18. If I was a betting man I’d take some of TAMU against the spread at Bama.


    • JoeDashDawg

      Bama is going to embarrass them this season. Saban looking for revenge is real and he will want to crush the upstart program within the division.


  19. Goddamn 16.5 is a helluva number


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