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That’s a nice story, Nick.

Okay, now, here is an example of somebody bullshitting Finebaum.

“Always had parity”?  Seriously?  That’s either massive bullshit, or Saban’s getting senile.  And I don’t think he’s getting senile.


UPDATE:  Junior ain’t buying it, either.



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Taking stock of Mullen

CBSSports.com decided to look back at the coaching hires of five seasons ago and apply a little hindsight to how they transpired from there.  As you can probably guess, there was only one take I was really interested in.

Dan Mullen, Florida

Record: 34-15 | Accomplishments: SEC East titles (1), New Year’s Six bowl games (3), bowl games (4)

How’s it going? It depends on who you ask. The Mullen hire made plenty of sense. He was the school’s offensive coordinator when it won national titles under Urban Meyer. He was ultra-successful at Mississippi State, a program that’s proven to be one of the toughest places to win in the SEC. The problem is that what Mullen was able to do at Mississippi State to win games wasn’t enough to win as many games as Florida desired. After going 21-5 in his first two seasons, the Gators slipped to 13-10 the next two, and Mullen didn’t show much desire to recruit at the level of rival Georgia. That was the final straw, and he was fired before the end of the 2021 season. While it’s seen as a disappointing tenure, Mullen’s winning percentage of .694 at Florida is still the fifth-highest in program history and was a significant improvement over Jim McElwain and Will Muschamp. Grade: B- | Original grade: A

Talk about your grading on a curve there.  Still, “the fifth-highest in program history” does nicely illustrate the rich tradition of Florida football outside of the Evil Genius and Corch.


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The luxury of not needing to poach

I don’t think Kirby’s bullshitting Finebaum here:

I just don’t think he’s right.  It’s a matter of perspective.  When you’ve recruited the way he has over the past five years (and counting), you shouldn’t need to engege in poaching, and, given the risk you have of upsetting kids already on a loaded roster, you shouldn’t want to, either.

Beyond that, Georgia’s the defending national champion and Smart has the program humming.  Of course he’s got kids at other schools reaching out to him.  But how many programs are positioned the way Georgia is right now?  (And of the rest, how many are willing to do whatever to catch up?)


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