That’s a nice story, Nick.

Okay, now, here is an example of somebody bullshitting Finebaum.

“Always had parity”?  Seriously?  That’s either massive bullshit, or Saban’s getting senile.  And I don’t think he’s getting senile.


UPDATE:  Junior ain’t buying it, either.


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  1. Gaskilldawg

    The last thing he wants is parity. If the NCAA could legally put a football spending cap at a level Kansas and Oregon State could afford his head would explode.

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  2. Nicky’s level playing field…Bama on top, then errbody else.

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    He’s right, in a multi level sense.
    Nick knows better than anybody: never, never, fight fair.

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  4. jim1886


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  5. Derek

    “There was a time when there were rules and we just didn’t follow them so it made it easier for us to succeed. Now there are no rules and our lack of ethics is no longer the advantage it had been for the last 60 years or so. If we get rules that are designed to create “parity” then we can break those rules with impunity, and once again rely upon the other guy having ethics where we don’t have any, and that will allow us to succeed.”

    Nick Saban

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    • This gets to what always killed me about Georgia. Not only did we play by the rules but we took it a step further. I wasn’t so much against following the rules but the self-snitching was often over the top. So many programs got away with murder simply by making the NCAA do their own work. Accusations come up? Prove it.

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  6. Former Fan

    There was more parity. But the bluebloods have always ruled. Do we think it is possible for Nebraska to win the NC 3 out of 4 years now? Can Georgia Tech win a national championship again? What about Miami or Colorado? The SEC is far more dominant than it use to be. Parity is less than it was 20, 30, 40 or 50 years ago.

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  7. uga97

    His lips are moving way too much lately, and he’s especially wrong right now. These last 2 years of CFB with schools having more super seniors, extra Covid year extended scholly’s, free transfers, etc., have seen the most parity than ever before, resulting in more upsets galore. Over stocked rosters are everwhere. Though before Covid, outside the top 5 schools in the CFP, there is already plenty of parity- not a big difference between the #6 ranked teans and the #25 teams playing each other on a neutral field. But Saban knows he can’t say”….we need to close the gap between the rich & the poor…” and keep a straight face. The preseason top 25 last year saw 17 teams finish unranked so how’s that for parity little Nicky.

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  8. mg4life0331

    He loved parity so much he left the NFL.

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  9. legatedawg

    So glad that Georgia is NOT on the streak list. Hopefully our guys will add them to the Dawgs’ list of winning streaks after this next season.

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    • row105

      Winning streak against Georgia…….0.00 ;zip; nada, bubkus. bagel; goose egg;. We all know little Nikki ,aka Satan, is full of shit …nothing to see there but the important part isn’t the winning streak against Georgia is actually a losing streak……Keep the main thing the main thing …so endth the lesson.

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    • I would be totally ok with a 2 game streak over Dumbo and the Ag Cult while Bama sits home for December and playoff January.

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      • legatedawg

        That would actually by a 4 game streak against the Aggies, going back 42 years. But Yes, just a 2-gamer against Dumbo’s cult. Can’t really see them getting to Atlanta, but stranger things have happened. 😀

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  10. Ran A

    Finebaum should have worn boots… LOL

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    • poetdawg

      I wonder if the ears function as a flotation device.

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    • Down Island Way

      Pawwwlllll has been satans blow horn for years prior to the sec network B.S…soooo, expecting any change of heart by the fbaum guy ain’t happening….#WEDON”TMAKEEXCUSES


  11. siskey

    It is wild that Bama hasn’t lost to Tennessee since Saban became the coach. I know that Tennessee has been terrible but Bama’s domination of bad teams is more impressive to me than the national championships.

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  12. RangerRuss

    After nearly five centuries of domination of Europe and the near East the Roman Empire began filling out its Legions with mercenaries from territories that it previously fought and conquered. It’s decline, fall and humiliation were sealed once, in desperation, they began poaching troops from their enemies.
    I see similarities with those assholes in Tuscaloosa.

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    • RangerRuss

      Also, there seems to be a connection with all this advertising for Peyronie’s disease medication and Bama being a bunch of broke-dick losers.


  13. Darin Cochran

    Parity? Forgettah bout it…Aside from Ohio St, Texas A&M and Clemson, only two other teams have any chance of taking control of the college football mountain top and keeping up with the “dynasty-like” teams (UGA & Bama). USC and Notre Dame. Ol Riley has a great QB and RB and is going to have a good year. He already has three 5 star recruits committed for 2023. Marcus Freeman is the flavor of the month for Notre Dame. EVERYONE loves this guy. Coaches love him, players love him, media loves him, even his enemies love him. They are doing great in recruiting right now. If they knock off Ohio St in the opener, look out. It’s not like the Irish have been bad, but Freeman could take them to another level. Just my non-expert take on it.