“There’s always been a lot of hype with Geoff.”

Jeff Schultz’ Georgia Tech preview ($$) is a pleasure to read.  I mean, just start with this graphic treat…

… continue by counting the number of references to the departure of Jahmyr Gibbs (“He was the only player opposing coaches ever worried about.”), don’t miss the comparison between Tech at 9-25 under Collins and Wake Forest’s (!) 23-13 mark over the same period and finish with this beaut:

… well-traveled offensive coordinator Jim Chaney — who maintained his home in Athens from his years with Georgia and has been hired as “special assistant to the head coach” — all will be working with Sims.

Long worked as an analyst for Chaney at Tennessee, so, “We kind of switched responsibilities,” Long said. “When I got the job he asked if we had a spot for him, and I told him I would do anything to find a spot.”

Yes sirree, it’s gonna be a fine year on the Flats.


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  1. There is literally no reason Fech can’t be the equivalent of Wake. Al the Dawg in me hopes they are 9-25


  2. Ran A


    I think they win 3 games again and then we’ll see if the Tech alumnus will pony up to move on. He get’s $2.4MM for each year left on the contract. This is year four, which means there is $7.2MM owed after this year.

    Another gimmicky offense Georgia has to put up with. Would be a little more concerned, but considering that Georgia will play a better version of what they will be trying to do about three weeks before with UT. Based on this OC’s interview, I think his wife has elected to rent verses buy.

    Chaney – one of those cases of where it seems like yesterday and a long time ago at the same time, which was March of 2019. I think we all noticed that Kirby didn’t exactly fight to keep him. He doubled his salary, with a 3 year guaranteed deal. Forgot that he had a 1/2 Million Dollar buyout – on top of that. It was what? A $5.7MM deal. Here’s aa couple of optimistic articles from the boys in Orange after he was hired.



    As for Tech. You have to believe that some of those folks look at where Grant Field sits and is beginning to wonder out loud what that piece of property between North Ave and 10th is worth, sitting right off of 75/85.

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    • siskey

      They have a chance of going 1-11 or 2-10. They should beat Western Carolina and Duke but I don’t see them as being favorites over anyone else on the schedule.
      I think they will get Jeff Monken or the guy from Kennesaw State and go back to being an option team. If they were smart they’d hire a Geoff who actually knew what he was doing but we’ll see.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Damn straight. Any good reason they couldn’t share a field with Georgia State? Or a big high school? Although I would miss historic Mark Richt field.


  3. practicaldawg

    If they can do a little better on the field in the next couple of years, that graph will be a nearly perfect drawing of a pelican.

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  4. archiecreek

    Boobie Dudd was a two-time quitter.
    Says a lot about the place.
    GO DAWGS!!


  5. uga97

    Long: “Welcome Jim, here’s a mop and a bucket, some bleach, crime scene tape and chalk. Thanks for joining us this year.”


  6. godawgs1701

    So Chaney never moved his home from Athens and was apparently asking around hat in hand for analyst jobs to pay the bills this offseason. I wonder if he called Butts-Mehre and Kirby told him thanks but no thanks? That would have been an interesting conversation to listen in on.