Musical palate cleanser, still ticking along edition

Delbert McClinton’s 81 years old.  He recently announced his retirement from touring (although he’s still hosting the Sunny Beaches Cruise).  But just because he’s no longer touring doesn’t mean he’s stopped making records.

Texas blues and soul rocker Delbert McClinton has announced the forthcoming release of his new studio album Outdated Emotion. The 16 song collection offers listeners a backstage pass to some of the most significant musical moments in American history as the legendary 81-year-old performs his lifelong favorite tunes.

Outdated Emotion symbolizes a full-circle moment for the 2020 Grammy Award winner as he reinvents the swing, jazz, blues, and country tunes that have informed his 65-year career. Following the recent announcement of his retirement from touring, McClinton’s Outdated Emotion marks a return to his musical roots and the songs that started it all, ultimately proving why he has earned the title as “the Godfather of Americana Music” (Rolling Stone).

With the announcement, McClinton shares “Ain’t That Lovin’ You,” an energetic, harmonica-driven reinterpretation of the ‘56 classic by Jimmy Reed. McClinton realized he wanted to play music for a living when he heard the late blues troubadour’s music for the first time.

And here it is…

Time has thinned the voice a little, but the delivery is still pure Delbert.  Keep on rolling, my man.


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4 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, still ticking along edition

  1. stumpypepys2

    Great way to start the week, thanks Bluto!

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  2. One of my favorite country/beach rockers is Jim Quick, and I think he and Delbert were going to collaborate on something last fall. Maybe on this album ?


  3. Senator, what a cool trip down amnesia lane for me…some of those TX boys could bring it…one of his songs that always hit a little too close to home for me was

    81 years old, sunny beach 🏖

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    I need to hit one of those SB cruises..might need to be the next one to have Delbert on board.