Josh Brooks pushes back.

And good for him.

I’ve had the privilege to work in collegiate athletics for more than 20 years, 11 of which have been at the University of Georgia. I love Athens. I have three boys that attend Clarke County schools.  Athens is woven into the fabric of my family’s life, so I was both saddened and disappointed to hear that an Athens-Clarke County commissioner recently made inaccurate, overgeneralized, and hurtful statements about our football student-athletes in a public meeting — statements that she has continued to defend in subsequent comments.

… The fact is, most of our student-athletes excel in all aspects of life, and while that does not excuse any instances of wrongdoing, it certainly underscores the fact that those transgressions tend to be the exception — not the rule.  The insinuation that a disproportionate number of our athletes are committing violent crimes is not only grossly inaccurate, but also woefully inappropriate and reckless. The idea that an overgeneralized, hurtful, and inaccurate statement should be accepted because it was in response to sarcastic quip about players drafted in a small room, is distasteful and careless. Misinformation and divisive rhetoric made public in any way is irresponsible, particularly coming from an elected official, as it provides a spark that can and has spread quickly.

Somebody from UGA needed to let Melissa Link know her comments about the football team were over the top.  Well said, sir.


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  1. lincolndawg

    Best AD in America.

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  2. McGarity would have had most of the team sit out then until the NCAA declared them eligible to play again.

    Good to see Brooks pushing back.

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  3. practicaldawg

    Maybe one day anyone will be cancelable for such hateful and inaccurate speech

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  4. I’ll take comments from someone who thinks $17M for a recreational bike path or $40K for a rainbow colored crosswalk with a grain of salt.

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  5. Ole Dokes

    McGarity would’ve done a “wine cooler summit” with her…

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  6. Anon

    She’s probably still getting an “atagirl” or “atathemthey” from her colleagues at the Uni. She’ll be head of department soon

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    • She’s a member of the staff. She’s not a faculty member. She may be getting slaps on the back from a couple of colleagues, but I’m betting that the powers that be aren’t happy with her.

      I guarantee you Josh Brooks’s words were reviewed by multiple people at UGA probably including President Morehead.

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  7. NotMyCrossToBear

    Why the hell is her bio still on the University website? She should have been punted immediately.

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  8. Remember the Quincy

    I’m sure she has zero fucks to give about what he thinks. Even if she ends up losing her job over it, she’ll claim that the good ‘ol boys are just protecting each other.


  9. theoriginalspike

    Good for him! It should have been worded even stronger. As I referenced in the column the other day.. my son was on the football team and played baseball at UGA, he graduated in 2018, and he didn’t rape or kill anybody. I called her about this. I’ll give her credit.. at least she answered the phone. Maybe, it’s just me.. but that woman is way out there. I wish the posters on here could have heard how dismissive she was about all this and it was just in response to some other politicians comments blah blah blah.. It was jaw dropping what her attitude was to athletes at UGA in general and football players in particular to this old UGA alumn. Isn’t what she said decried as “hate speech” by those of her ilk?

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Greg McGarity would never.


  11. Ran A


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  12. He responded very professionally…it’s nice to hear classy, respectful retorts…maybe we can start to change the divisive ethos that’s presently out there.

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  13. PTC DAWG

    Some of y’all must miss old GM. He’s brought up often.


  14. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I don’t know the woman who made this comment, but aside from being stereotypically snide and unfair it is just stupid. She wants to hire people she thinks of as thugs to the PD? I have been involved with criminal justice for 40 years as a prosecutor, defense attorney and judge, and I can’t think of a situation where an actual thug has made a good police officer. I would be happy see some of our players sign up after playing days are over, but why would they want to after that comment?

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  15. whb209

    That young lady (I use that term lightly), slapped every athlete that ever played at UGA right in the face. I was offended. I took that personally. I nor any player I have known has ever raped or killer anyone. I would like to thank Josh for standing up for all of us. .

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  16. 69Dawg

    This should not surprise anyone. The only surprise is she works for the University after this. The old adage you don’t piss where you eat seems to apply.

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  17. I’m glad for the pushback, it was well deserved & well said.