Saban throws down the gauntlet.

Remember the other day, when he was making some mouth noises about how he wished college football could get back to the blessed days of parity?  I guess we now know what he was talking about.

I’m sure some will take that as Saban’s new warning for what he’s about to do, but unless he’s discovered oil under Tuscaloosa, ain’t no way the crazies there can keep up, financially speaking, with the crazies in College Station.  For the moment, I’m just gonna chalk it up to generic crankiness with Jimbo.

And it wasn’t just Jimbo Saban took a shot at, either!

Boy, that next Aflac commercial’s gonna be lit.

If you’re looking for it, here’s the clip:


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34 responses to “Saban throws down the gauntlet.

  1. David K

    God he’s such a whiny fucking bitch who wants everything in his favor, and the first sign of anything he doesn’t like he’s going to flip the game board over and go home. We’re a year from him quitting.

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  2. Tommy Perkins

    So Alabama’s never paid players.

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  3. Biggen

    Just waiting for Jr. to pile on now. I don’t disagree with him however.

    As far as Sanders, if you can’t argue your position without race baiting, perhaps it’s not a very strong position to begin with.

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    • gotthepicture

      Sometimes Saban comes off as the whiniest cunt ever. (Yes, that’s a strong word, if you want to delete, I’m ok with that.) However, usually when he makes a statement it is a warning that Bama is about to beat everyone at the game that Saban doesn’t agree with.
      Part of me wants to just chalk it up to him taking shots at Jimbo and Sanders, which I don’t mind at all. But yeah, that next AFLAC commercial just got a bit more interesting.

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  4. cowetadawg

    Pass the popcorn, please. Do continue, Coach Saban . . .

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Pardon me arguing, but I can’t see where either Saban or Sanders did any race baiting. Childish impulses maybe, but it would take a couple of free associations to get to race baiting from either of their comments.
    PS: If I’m close to the line, feel free to push the destruct button Senator.

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    • Tommy Perkins

      Yeah, I don’t see any race baiting. Saban tried to punch down and Sanders is gonna milk the hell out it. Completely unnecessary dick-tripping by the old man.


    • Biggen

      Maybe I’m reading too much into “We as a PEOPLE don’t have to pay our PEOPLE to play with our PEOPLE”??


      • Clayton Joiner

        I had the same feeling…no one said anything about “his people”. He sounds a lil sensitive about the subject

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      • sundiatagaines

        It was oddly worded, for sure. Maybe he’ll clarify.

        Jackson State people?
        HBCU people?
        Future NFL defensive backs people?


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    I especially like [paraphrasing] ‘our 25 players earned Three Million Dollars and did it the right way’. So what’s the right way and wrong way?
    Next we’ll have Dabo saying his players earned gazillions and did it for The Lord’s glory.

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  7. ”Our program is as pure as the driven snow, it’s everyone else who’s dirty!”

    Saban may be Alabama’s coach, but that’s the most Auburn shit I’ve ever heard.

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  8. You can read it how you want to…..I tend to believe he is not long for college football. I think he has had enough.

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  9. Anon

    I listened to it all. He ain’t wrong. If you hate saban fine (I don’t), but he ain’t wrong.


    • David K

      He’s not wrong, but he’s a giant hypocrite who was bragging about Bryce Young’s $1 million he’d locked down last year as a freshman.

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    • 79dawg

      I don’t particularly care for him, but he has been right pretty much every step of the way, but down the slippery slope we continue to slide!


      • Derek

        Its the self interest. If he could win in the buying players model, he’d defend it. He’s only right by inadvertence.

        Its not as if everything he said, minus the specific allegations, wasn’t known when NLI started. What did he say then?

        “My qb is getting rich!”

        So fuck that guy, but he is correct that buying recruits with a collective is a road to hell. Satan knows that well worn path.

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        • 79dawg

          I think the number of schools that can “win in the buying players model” is going to be a lot, lot fewer than the fans of the 119 (or however many I-A schools there are now) think…

          I’m fairly confident he said there need to be rules and limits around NIL (he may have even said so easily and been slammed again on this site for doing so) but, when it became a no-holds barred moneychase, he joined the party instead of unilaterally disarming.


  10. stoopnagle

    Man, Kirby finally nicks him and now it’s the GOAT talking shit in talking season.


  11. Ran A

    I’m guessing Sanders won’t be in this year’s commercial(s)… LOL.. Personally loving this. Y’all focus on each other and trash talk all you want. Meanwhile, Kirby is working on fine-tuning his own Death Star..

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  12. Saban isn’t all wrong.
    What is Deion’s last sentence supposed to mean?


  13. This is awesome…it’s good to know that the entitlement and pathetic crybaby-ness starts at the top of that program…just shove an oatmeal pie in you sasshole and shut the F up, little Nicky…

    We are witnessing the fall of the Roman Empire in real time…grab the popcorn, it’s gonna be glorious

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  14. I really hope Kiffen has a couple of young staffers accumulating stuff like this and comes out firing with tweets this Fall.


  15. For a long time, I hated Saban. Then, I respected and kinda liked him. Now, I really hate him. What a hypocrite but it’s also on the media that lauds everything he and his program does.


  16. whb209

    Nick is getting old.
    Five or ten years ago he would have never ( in public) thrown his players under the bus the way he did after losing to GA and he would have never said ( in public ) what he said about Jimbo. I think it is a sign that he is getting old and does not control his temper as well as he did in the past.


  17. 69Dawg

    Well this dust up is going to get the SEC channel a lot more eyeballs at the Spring Coach’s Fashion Show. Must see TV for sure. The Commissioner is going to have a heart to heart with all the coaches about playing nice. Can he fine them or the school for action detrimental to the conference?


  18. kingcmo2000

    Under reported element of this story is that Saban acknowledging recruiting rankings.