“… Addison’s professional future was going to lead his decision-making.”

Can I just say that whoever the folks are guiding Jordan Addison’s career know what they’re doing? I mean, a few weeks ago, it’s common knowledge he was jumping ship to USC for a handsome NIL reward (not to mention trading Pittsburgh for sunny LA) and his former coach accused his new coach of tampering.  Not pretty.

So what happens?  He embarks on a tour of college campuses, supposedly weighing his transfer options, selling it well enough to get a variety of pundits to speculate on his best landing spot, all to wind up exactly where it was said he was going at the beginning.

But the real chef’s kiss?  Announcing the decision on the same day that the Fisher-Saban brouhaha sucked every molecule of oxygen out of the media tent.  That, my friends, is working it.  If I had a kid who was weighing his career options, I’d be looking up Addison’s advisers right now.



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  1. Anon

    Gonna get a tax lesson


  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    his agent has PR golden gods.

    can’t wait to see if all this assembled and paid for talent can out-talent « teams » like UGA, Ohio State, Clemson, etc


  3. miltondawg

    A few weeks ago the head guy of the collective in Athens was speaking at my business partner’s Rotary meeting. He talked about a lot of things, but one of the things that he highlighted was how little the NCAA had the power (or desire) to police tampering and improperly enticing players to come to a school. My partner asked him during the Q&A part what was to stop, for example, a wealthy A&M booster that is part of their collective from calling Brock Bowers and telling him that they’d pay him $2.5MM per year in NIL deals if he would enter the portal and transfer to A&M and do something like the radio ads for Associated Credit Union in Atlanta that Bowers currently does. His response was that it was tampering which was against the rules, but that it didn’t matter because no one was going to enforce that or try to prove that it happened.

    I have no doubt that Addison’s deal went down in a similar way to my partner’s hypothetical.


  4. I smell a Congressional hearing coming our way soon as a summer blockbuster event. Oh to see Nick Saban in front of Congress testifying about REC activities in the past!

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  5. This flavor of sausage is poisonous.

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  6. Got Cowdog

    “Winning an ACC Championship is ours forever”
    I won a spelling bee in 7th grade. That shit is mine forever…