Envy and jealousy, with parity like this edition

In a piece dripping with sarcasm about Nick Saban’s yearning for a return to parity in college football, this one-liner stands out:

– Arkansas State plundered a valuable intern off Saban’s staff, hiring Butch Jones as its coach in December 2020. Jones displayed his acumen throughout the Red Wolves’ two victories last season.

Okay, but I bet they led the FCS in vacuous slogans and gestures.



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10 responses to “Envy and jealousy, with parity like this edition

  1. Gaskilldawg

    I though Tech lead the FCS in vacuous slogans and gestures.

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  2. Ran A

    Anyone beside me notice that he stayed away from comparison the other conferences to Alabama. While I do think Nick went to far with the parity comment; you can bet your backside that whomever (and I’m too lazy to look) has an alliance to another conference or school within the conferences that keep getting their backsides kicked by the SEC. In short, I smell the Big 10 or ACC here.


  3. Clayton Joiner

    Definitely a major coop in the coaching ranks at ‘Bama…not sure how the organization continues without Bootch.

    When you’re a Ark St writer you have to write like that…not sure what else the objective was


  4. College football is facing an existential crisis with that coaching portal…shut it down, shut it down now…those overpaid PE teachers who don’t even know what asparagus is, where is their loyalty…they should be loyal to the bastions of higher education that gave them contracts…I can fix that and the baby formula shortage with my Modest Proposals…check out the big brain on Brett

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Hey, only 2 things wrong in one sentence! It’s spelled Booch. And it’s Analyst, not Intern.