Looks like we’re gonna need a bigger chip…

… to put on Stetson Bennett’s shoulder.

Look, I’m not being a blind homer here.  He’s not gonna be in the Heisman mix.  He won’t be a high NFL draft pick, if he’s even drafted at all.  But you’re really going to insist that a kid who finished last season fourth nationally in passer rating and MVP-ed his ass off in the CFP isn’t one of the top 20 quarterbacks in the country this season?  Pundit, please.



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30 responses to “Looks like we’re gonna need a bigger chip…

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    One of the guys on that list is a recent transfer with two total college snaps to his name. Yet somehow that eclipses all that Stetson accomplished last year.

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  2. One of the posters known as Mark

    This guy’s initials are BC which stands for “Brain Cramp.”


  3. fisheriesdawg

    He will probably get a chance to beat 6 of those guys along the way.

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  4. RangerRuss

    “That’s how you’re gonna beat ‘em, Butch. They keep underestimating you.”

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Tsk tsk tsk. A national championship and he’s already a has been. Sad.

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  6. RangerRuss

    It’s hard to argue with the reigning Heisman winner as #1. He DID throw two TD passes in the most recent National Championship.
    What’s that you say? One of those TD’s was to the Dawgs.
    Stetson Bennett threw two TD’s in the fourth quarter and they were both to his teammates. Maybe slide AR15 to 21 and squeeze SBIV in there.

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  7. akascuba

    Does the 247 writer still have his feelings hurt from his team losing to SBIV?

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    • I think it’s the walk-on thing … although they didn’t talk about that with the Douche Bag Frat Boy. 247 has to sell subscriptions on recruiting. Therefore, you can’t have a guy who started his career as a walk-on on this kind of list.

      They have to keep up the meme that Georgia won the title in spite of SBIV.

      I admit I was down on SBIV after the SECCG. I worried he couldn’t lead us to win back-to-back playoff games. He played his tail off even when he struggled a bit in the championship game. When it mattered most, the Mailman delivered.

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    • originaluglydawg

      Yes he does.

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    • Down Island Way

      More clicks to leaving the UGA football starting National Championship QB off the list, then having him at # 3 maybe #4…GO DAWGS!


  8. Good grief. I don’t know if SBIV is one of the best 20 QBs in the nation, but I do know he’s a better college QB right now than at least 10 guys on that list. He’s beaten multiple of those guys straight up.

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  9. W Cobb Dawg

    I find it hard to believe JT Daniels isn’t on the list.

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    • Dawgfan1995

      Too late. He’s been Dawgraded.

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      • siskey

        I noticed that too. I listened to some podcast last week and I think it was Bud Elliot who said basically regarding Daniels transferring to West Virginia that “He didn’t really do anything at Georgia.” This was a sharp contrast to what the media said re JT as recently as the first weekend of December.
        Maybe all those guys listed could do what Bennett did last year but I have seen “better” quarterbacks than those listed not win shit and I have seen Stetson beat Bama and everyone else last year.

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  10. practicaldawg

    Any clown with an internet connection can post a top 20 list

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  11. uga97

    Gosh is McCall in his 9th year at Coastal Carolina? Hear those Crickets from the Clemson camp, seems Dabo-s $100 million salary soaked up all the NIL $$ so he couldn’t afford to get a transfer.


  12. Clayton Joiner

    Talking season

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  13. kokainmothershed

    So much wrong here. Dillon Gabriel at 4 is almost entirely attributable to the fact that he’s playing for OU – which is going through a major coaching change this season. If he were still playing at UCF, would he be anywhere near that high?

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  14. charlottedawg

    Stetson is better than Richardson at the very least and why is JT Daniels not on here?

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  15. This aggression will not stand- The Dude

    I had to consult my spiritual advisor the honorable Bishop Bullwinkle again for this one.

    The mailman will beat 5-6 of those other QBs…and then they can decide who should be ranked where

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  16. biggusrickus

    It’s fine if you want to put roughly equally productive players with more upside over him, but when you get to names like Cam Rising, Will Levis and fucking Jaxson Dart, it’s a little difficult to take it seriously.

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  17. Click Bait. Almost as bad as any article about who a 2026 recruit is gonna pick.

    I have Stetson at +5000 for the Heisman, btw, so you best damn believe I put money on it. Dude is gonna get stats this year.

    The idea that so many people believe he can’t get it, when he has the receivers he does, is ridiculous. Watch him rack up multiple 4 and 5 TD games (against solid comp), and the narrative will change.

    The only BIG problem, will be the lack of a “Heisman Moment”… those are rare when your team isn’t on your back in the 4th quarter. I guess it’s too bad they give that award out 85% of the way through the season.

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  18. Texas Dawg

    If that list is the top 20 PRO PROSPECTS, then leaving Bennett off is fine. If the list is the to 20 COLLEGE QBs then the list is bullshit. The Heisman has shown us that the best college QBs often have no future in the pros. Bennett has done pretty much everything that could be asked of a college QB. I thought that the object of the game was to do what ever it took to lead your team to victory, not pad your stats. Apparently I was mistaken.

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  19. JoeDashDawg

    Outside of the obvious omission – Hartman too low – Hooker and Rattler too high. The guys that have never started on the list I won’t even bother arguing. DJ U from Clemson anyone? I wonder if Dr. Pepper re-upped his 1mil NIL deal. I don’t recall seeing any commercials with him after the UGA game…

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    • RangerRuss

      Thanks for bringing that up, JDD. Clemson fans were all yik yik yik yok yok yok out the side of their neck (h/t Ernie Ladd) until the Dawgs D shut them the fuck up. The Dawgs thoroughly broke Clemson.
      I’m just glad that wasn’t the best thing the Dawgs accomplished in 2021.


  20. You keep slinging the leather letters, Mailman. No digital news is good news (or informed)


  21. I can’t stand Stetson. I complained all season about him. And even this is too low for me. That list is absurd.