“Screw it! We know we are going to get sued anyway.”

I’m wondering if, when it comes to the NCAA and NIL, we’ve come full circle.  What I mean by that is illustrated by this quote:

But will the conversations with prospects or prospects’ agents really stop? “Somebody is going to have to be made an example of,” says Eddie Rojas, CEO of the Gator Collective. “There are people out there who are straight up ignoring the rules.”

When you’ve got one guy running a collective pointing a finger at others, you know somebody’s out there crossing a red line.  Maybe it’s time for the NCAA to consult with an antitrust lawyer who knows their business and make an example of somebody doing something truly egregious.  Seriously, what have they got to lose?  The states aren’t coming to their rescue.  Neither is Congress.

“At a certain point, the NCAA is going to have to face it,” says Gabe Feldman, a sports law professor at Tulane who’s been integral in NIL matters. “Either the NCAA is going to defend its current model or it is going to have to get protection from Congress so it no longer has to defend its current model. Or its model will be sued to smithereens and it will no longer exist.”

The irony is thick.  After spending a decade wasting millions fighting a losing battle in the courts, now that the organization is faced with what truly looks like an existential crisis, is it going to sit on its hands?  This being the NCAA we’re talking about, probably.



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  1. Ran A

    Guessing A&M and Miami are kicking his backside by straight up buying players and he doesn’t like it very much.


  2. ben

    Glad the Dawgs won the natty when they did.

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    • RangerRuss

      There it is, Ben. I really don’t give a shit how much money is paid to athletes; that tends to work itself out. I am concerned that all this bullshit will nullify what Kirby has created at UGA. But, I figure all the low character, fickle and feint of heart types (Fields, Burton, Cox) will be lured away by $$$ and save Kirby some trouble.
      The Dawgs continuing to dominate the draft and winning championships will ensure a steady stream of the right type of recruits.
      I hope.


  3. As a non-attorney, what would happen if the NCAA completely divorced itself from any oversight of college football … to the point of not recognizing it at the FBS level as a sport? They then focused their attention on the sports where they run the championships and flat told their members if you don’t play by our rules, none of your teams can qualify for any championship we run. Your lacrosse team runs afoul of the rules … your men’s basketball team that’s #1 in the country isn’t eligible for March Madness. Simplify the rule book and make the penalties drastic for violations … one penalty – postseason ineligibility across all sports for a year. If you don’t want to play, go form your own organization and see how many follow.


    • I guess my point is that if you simplify the rule book, pretty much all violations would indicate a lack of institutional control, which would allow the NCAA to punish the entire athletics apparatus at a school.


      • rigger92

        Yup, just like congress/senate. “Ok, we made these laws but now we see that if you lobby enough we can create opportunities that would benefit the public, meaning, we could line our own pockets/campaigns/don’t look behind the curtain”.


    • realitycheckhere

      The in best sports schools probably would leave and set up their own organization. I have no doubt they could do it much more successfully than the NCAA. In fact I can’t think of a thing the NCAA has done well.

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      • The NCAA has done a pretty darn good job of making March matter. It’s the ultimate bargaining chip the suits in Indianapolis hold. The main reason the Power 5 plus a few haven’t broken away is they haven’t figured out how to replicate the financial success of the men’s tournament. The NCAA also seems to do a pretty good job running the non-revenue sports championships.


        • CBS made March Madness. Your proposal or any other assumes some kind of thoughtful leadership by the NCAA. There is none by design. It is a front for the academic money raisers called university presidents who have consistently proven an inability to handle sports management. The best case scenario is some of them get sued by boosters and they finally disband the Indy operation and hire a commissioner to hide behind.


  4. uga97

    Gees Eddie, Gator Nation is so grateful to have your open mouth right now. Especially 4 years from now after Napier gets canned for following all the rules.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    NCAA: How about a nice game of chess?
    NIL Collectives: No, let’s play Global Thermonuclear War.

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  6. A bunch of dorm kids and young former NBA player formed a NIL agency and were on Shark Tank of all things. Mark Cuban and Kevin Hart commented on how they are being approached all the time to invest in collectives. They are willing, which seems there is clearly a market to gobble up as many NIL rights as possible in hopes that you get one or two gems who become media superstars. I’ll bet kids are signing a lot of control away for a long period of time. So while boosters invest to get a kid to sign with dear old U, Big Investor money may end up stealing the best players in the long run…capitalism bitchez! I wonder if this is really at the heart of Saban’s dilemma…it’s not his REC competing with TAMU he’s worried about, it’s institutional investors interfering with his recruiting that he really can’t control.


    • Another thought…if Kirby’s attitude is “give me the best I can get, I’ll take care of the rest” then he may be leading the shift in how coaches adapt to the New World. Kids, go get your $$$$ and then come play here for rings and trophies.

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  7. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Is the NCAA not doing anything on purpose? so they can say… see Mr/Mrs/Gender-fluid congress human, we need your help!