Siri, what is the opposite of Georgia’s 2013 recruiting class?

Kirby Smart and Georgia recruited 2018’s top class and guess what?  They lived up to their ranking, and then some ($$).

… Nine members of the Bulldogs’ 2018 class started in the championship game and five more played against the Crimson Tide to help deliver the school’s first national title since 1980.

… Among the 18 signees who stayed in the program, 15 started more than 10 games. Even the ones who moved on — such as Justin Fields, Cade Mays and Brenton Cox — have panned out.

Smart added several key chess pieces for what became an all-time great defense in 2021. They found a real gem in Davis, one of the few three-star additions, and developed him into a unanimous All-American and first-rounder. Fourteen members of this class have become NFL draft picks.

As slogans go, this one’s as good a summary as we’ll get:

… The success of Georgia’s 2018 recruiting class can be measured in so many other ways. But given where this program was when they arrived on campus, we can sum up their legacy like this: They got the job done.

That they did.



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15 responses to “Siri, what is the opposite of Georgia’s 2013 recruiting class?

  1. practicaldawg

    Will be fun to trace Mullen’s classes for the next few years

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  2. This is why I let my inner Munson go and just trust Kirby…clearly he’s on the mutha

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  3. billionm16

    2019 Pretty damn good too with several guys still on the roster, ready to break out.

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    • billionm16

      Nolan Smith going to be running things on the defensive side
      Blaylock ready to rebound
      Rian Davis and Trezman hopefully going to step up
      Kenny Mac getting more touches
      Logue and Walthour stepping into big shoes

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  4. thenewandimprovedtronan

    I don’t know if Brenton Cox has panned out but he certainly has been panned.

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  5. RangerRuss

    Hope and luck are a bad plan. All the resources in the world are wasted without hard work, an intelligent leader with a dynamic plan and administrative support.
    As FrozenDawg stated, Kirby is on the mutha.

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