“… making a lot of money off of this game that we all love.”

Tim Tucker conducts a thoughtful Q&A with former Dawgs Keith Marshall and Aaron Murray here.  Both of them acknowledge the current excesses, but Marshall tempers his outlook with a dose of “it’s the free market, bruh” wisdom.  Wisdom born of a certain experience:

AJC: How did your own college football experience influence your stance on what’s happening now?

Marshall: For me and what I dealt with – the success early on, then the injury and battling to get back in position where I was fortunate enough to be drafted – I definitely feel like if I would have been able to get compensated earlier, I could have helped provide my family with a foundation that could sustain me longer. But think about Murray: He was the SEC all-time leading quarterback, one of the biggest faces of college football, and probably would have made millions of dollars over the course of three or four years. And we didn’t get to participate in any of that.

I’m a little surprised neither mentioned what happened with Gurley, but it’s not hard to understand where they’re coming from now.


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  1. originaluglydawg

    Great thought-provoking comments.
    When we think of the “mess” things are in today with NIL, we need to think back on how unfair it was in the past.
    There is a lot of money in pockets that didn’t earn or deserve it, while empty are the pockets of the guys who did the work.

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  2. He might not’ve said so, but I’m sure Marshall is grateful to UGA for giving him the full ride that was the basis for his MBA. As well as the chance to play the game he loves at the highest level.

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  3. godawgs1701

    NIL was conceived and intended for exactly what these guys are talking about – they came to Georgia and became stars and saw a lot of money going into the coffers of the school and the conference and the coaches but they weren’t able to have any part in that. Now, even professional football has limits on what teams can pay to free agents and NIL wasn’t intended to be a recruiting inducement and somehow that needs to be reigned in. But Aaron Murray is running around the country hawking ugly bulldog cartoon NFTs right now as a side hustle to his gig doing third-tier CBS college football broadcasts. The guy wasn’t a pro quarterback but he’s one of the best ever to play in the SEC and he missed out on a ton of money, to say nothing of what happened to guys like Gurley and AJ Green who dared to try to make some spending money off of their autograph or a shirt they were given by the school and lost playing time. NIL isn’t perfect, but it’s frankly better than the way things used to be. That things ever were that way isn’t the fault of the players.

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    • Down Island Way

      11, just might have been one of the tougher QB’s to play in the SEC…GO DAWGS!

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    • Biggen

      “The road to hell is paved with good intentions. ”

      NIL has a ton of good intentions but, right now, it’s being used first and foremost for recruiting which is a damn sham (and shame).


  4. charlottedawg

    I know he was a gamecock but I always think of Marcus lattimore as another guy who could have definitely benefited from NIL because his nfl future got sidetracked by injuries

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  5. Arch Manning’s decision and deal is going to be very interesting. His NIL is very valuable when you consider that you probably can/need to include some of the entire Manning clan in the deal (Arch and Peyton in an ad is way more valuable than just Arch as a freshman). So no way he negotiates a deal for long term NIL rights…just his collegiate career unless he does a Tiger-Nike type deal which is certainly possible. In either case, I don’t see his deal coming from boosters, but a more professional group. One would think the same one his uncles are already in. If that’s the case, it may start to change the dynamics on NIL. Maybe top stars take agency deals and booster deals start to get ignored or target less than “certain” future NFL stars.

    Short thought: the market should sort this out eventually.

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  6. Marshall is definitely a player whom the injury gods were not kind to. Tremendous speed, fastest time at NFL combine in 2016 (4.31) and running and catching ability. Would have loved to see what kind of career he could have had with healthy legs. Lattimore, as charlottedawg mentioned, is another talent not realized due to injury. Shame those guys, and others like them, had no opportunity for nil deals. I’m all for players in school to receive these benefits. My problem only lies with incoming players having already signed.

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  7. Biggen

    The problem with thinking that the market will sort itself out is that there is a sucker born every day that has more money than brains. There are plenty of people out there willing to throw money at a problem. Now that collectives are a thing it’s even easier to do it.

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    • siskey

      I think that there will be a correction too but to your point the NBA and NFL have a salary cap at least partly to save the owners from themselves.


  8. 69Dawg

    Addressed the NIL in an earlier post today but I think Arch is the only National Brand. This of course is because of the Manning Clan. They can cut him in on a slice of the action and he’ll make a live changing sum. The Clan has taken care of Cooper for sure.