Reboot, year four

Pete Fiutak’s Georgia Tech preview begins with this:

Georgia Tech should be a whole lot better than this.

It seems like 50 years ago when the program was hanging around in the ACC Championship – going in 2012 and 2014 – and the idea of simply going bowling feels like it’s 50 miles away after three straight three-win seasons under head coach Geoff Collins.

Even worse than the lack of wins are the lack of competitive performances. Since the last year of the Paul Johnson era in 2018, 22 of the last 29 losses were by double digits.

Closing out last season losing to Notre Dame and Georgia by a combined score of 100-0 didn’t help.

It’s not for the lack of trying. Collins had to change the program around from being designed for the triple-option to a more balanced attack to now more of a pro-style version, but that’s the offense. The defense should’ve been better from the start.

Collins knows how to coach – the guy took Temple to two straight bowl games and 15 wins in two seasons before taking over the Yellow Jacket job – but his team needs to catch a break.

Big changes in the coaching staff are a part of the last gasp push, and several gets from the transfer portal will help, but it’s still a reboot four years in.

Considering all the changes and the nasty schedule, it’s going to take something big for there to be a Year Five.

Not gonna happen, according to Pete, who pegs Tech’s win total at 3.5.  Sounds about right for Coach 404.  I mean, at least the man’s consistent.


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37 responses to “Reboot, year four

  1. Anon

    Well they have all that subversive counterintelligence thing to fall back on

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    • Down Island Way

      Leave it to nerdfootball to get a .5 win, how in the world of wins and losses do you get a .5 win at the north avenue fucking trade school…(does this mean nerdfootball gets a .5 loss, WTF!)


  2. Tuck Fech….I hope Bobby Dodd gets WI-FI down where he’s at so he can read CFN…oh how the mighty have fallen

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  3. David D

    Oh, dear. This could mean the end of enjoying (or, gag-reflexing) all those wonderful StingTalk comments unless you join their cult.


  4. originaluglydawg

    What’s this “hanging around in the ACC Championship” that PF mentions?
    OH..I remember now…”The World’s Smallest Outdoor Cocktail Party”.
    (I still love Jim Donnan for giving us that one)

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  5. May the Fighting Waffles suck forever … or at least until the Drought and the largest winning margin are gone forever. No, may they suck forever.

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  6. practicaldawg

    Not sure where Collins will find that 0.5th win this year


  7. akascuba

    Only 100-0 in the last two games. They deserve much more. I hope they always stay on our schedule. I’ll never get tired of watching their crushing defeats turn their dreams into nightmares.

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    • originaluglydawg

      Rumor is that Collins will hire armed guards to force his players to get on the bus to Athens this year.

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      • godawgs1701

        He’ll need them to make them get BACK ON the bus afterwards. Those dudes are going to be applying to Kirby Smart for asylum.


    • Ran A

      Georgia could have hung another 30 on them (easy). They did NOT stop the clock in the 2nd half and Kirby took his foot off the gas completely in the 4th quarter and they still couldn’t stop the Dawgs. I’m amazed that Tech did not lose more players after those last two games. Talk about being exposed.

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  8. 3rdandGrantham

    The 1990s, when I was at UGA, also seems like 50 years ago from a Tech rivalry perspective. Back then it was a much more competitive and hated affair, and tech even had a three game winning streak to close out the ’90s.*

    These days, nobody that I’m aware of even cares about Georgia Tech football. Speaking of Tech/tech, they basically are kinda like Netscape or Napster…although I guess that’s not quite fair as GT still has a faint pulse. Perhaps AOL or Yahoo are better comparisons.

    *Sanks did not fumble.

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  9. Ran A

    Gibbs is in Tuscaloosa. Ivy is at Ole Miss. Dominick is at Arkansas. That’s their only 5Star, on of their few 4 stars and their best 3 star gone. They are picking up 5 – 3 stars, where 4 will start and the other is a QB. The other’s positions, 2 safety, a RB and a OT.

    In short, they are going to be ‘bad’ again. Very bad.

    Clemson – MB Stadium
    Western Carolina – Home
    Ole Miss – Home
    Duke – Home
    Virginia – Virginia
    Virginia Tech
    Miami – Home
    North Carolina – North Carolina

    Y’all see more than 3 wins in this schedule? Western Carolina and Duke – after that?


    • thenewandimprovedtronan

      I wouldn’t be surprised (or anything less than gleeful) if they go 0-12. WCU and Duke are the only two games on the schedule they seem to have any chance of winning but even they aren’t givens. I don’t see a third win, much less “half” a win more than that.

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    • gotthepicture

      Collins follows Gibbs to Tuscaloosa.

      [Scene: Late night at the Waffle House, 1099 Northside Dr NW, ATL]
      Penny: “That lame guy here again?”
      Big Anthony: “‘Fraid so.”
      Penny: “How long he been here?”
      Big Anthony: “Don’t know, maybe 3 or 4 hours.”
      Penny: “Shit, he’ll prolly be her ’til I finish my shift.”

      Geoff: (thinking to himself) “Loss, probably a win, loss, loss, loss, probably a win. Thank fucking goodness for Duke! Loss, Loss, geez they’re a shitshow and it’s still a loss, loss, loss, (shudders), not reason to even think about that one.
      Ok, so I can waste the rest of the night trying to conjure up 2 more wins or I can work on my resumé to become Saban’s next support staff assistant… guess, I better get a refresh on the coffee from Peggy and work on that cover letter to Mr. Saban.”

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  10. 79dawg

    At Georgia Tech, you can Ctrl+Alt+Delete your program!

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  11. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    And exactly what the Bugs deserve!


  12. archiecreek

    Downstate where I reside,
    there are a few die hard fans of the bumbling bees who would attempt to wax eloquent about the rivalry calling it “COFH” on the fazebook.
    I believe COFH is a trade school word. I’ve NEVER used it. I’ve always called it “the annual ass whupp’n.”
    “Those people” have been quite for the last 3 years. Ain’t heard squat!!
    May it continue and grow!!

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  13. godawgs1701

    Collins knows how to coach – the guy took Temple to two straight bowl games and 15 wins in two seasons before taking over the Yellow Jacket job – but his team needs to catch a break.

    Look, a lot of people “know how to coach” but are they a fit where they’ve landed? Dan Mullen “knows how to coach” no matter how much we like to dunk on the guy here. He took Mississippi State and turned it into a competitive football program and he did it playing in the SEC West. He was a very good fit in Starkville, but he was a terrible fit in Gainesville, Florida. His schtick didn’t play on the bigger stage and the rah-rah bullshit doesn’t play as well with a better quality of athlete. And when you’re at a school like Florida, you’re not supposed to have to do more with less – you’re a game that’s circled on the schedule and you don’t get to sneak up on anyone. At Miss State, there was only one team per year that had them circled and it was equally moribund Ole Miss. Geoff Collins is a rah-rah sloganeer who also coaches some football. His schtick and his recruiting plan and his game plan work at a lower level and at a school like Temple. In Atlanta, Georgia when you’re less than three hours’ drive from three of the best four football programs in the country you’re going to need to do more and do it better. Doing more with less works there if you’re also running Paul Johnson’s gimmick offense, and even then it only gets you to a Mississippi State level of success – you’re annoying, you win more than you probably deserve, but you’re not going to get to the winner’s circle very often. Geoff Collins is trying to do more with less while doing it the same way everyone else he plays does it – not gonna work. But damn it’s fun to watch.

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    • He probably isn’t a good fit, but it’s the lack of support from the Tech admin that has decimated the football program…they allowed the facilities to fall well behind (into disrepair), kept Fish Fry too long, allowed Geoff to stay too long racking up multiple 3 win seasons, and not prioritizing recruiting in the state of Georgia. The Tech Administration has long been derelict in their duties in regards to football…it’s been so bad for so long, it almost looks intentional. Until the Fech admin “buys” in to making bug football great again, it doesn’t matter if they dig John Heisman back up to coach…the results will continue to be subpar…and I’m cool with that

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      • godawgs1701

        I am not sure that Tech wouldn’t have been better served to do whatever they could to keep Paul Johnson longer, frankly. He wasn’t going to beat Georgia much once Kirby got the Death Star fully armed and operational, but he was still going to be mostly fine in the ACC and that’s all Tech can realistically aspire to unless they really go all in on football.

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  14. Dawglicious

    “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…” –Emerson

    Tech: Big Brains, little minds.


  15. uga97

    Statement per the new Atlanta Area Code…”Officials announced last month that the new area code, 943, will join four others used in metro Atlanta. The North American Numbering Plan Administrator announced that the 404, 770, 678 and 470 area codes will be exhausted by the second quarter of 2023.”

    Exhausted by the 2nd Quarter….yep, that just about sums up Tech Football under Collins, who will soon find himself in another area code.


  16. You really have to give Collins some credit. Coaching for a 4th year at a Power 5 school after posting three consecutive 3-win seasons is quite a feat in this age of win now or leave. He’s like the cousin that just needed a place to stay for a few days and before you know it He’s moved in. Maybe they want to get rid of him but just can’t figure out a way to get him to leave.

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    • otto1980

      They’re still amazed someone wants to stay that isn’t a grumpy over the hill has been isn’t riding them out they head off to the old folks home.

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  17. 69Dawg

    I’m just glad Fish Fry left, at least now we don’t have to worry about our Dline’s knees.

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  18. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s possible Collins leaves the program in worse shape than Fishfry.

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