Not the NIL I was expecting

Well, this is quite the plot twist.

The spectrum of activity surrounding name, image and likeness deals for college athletes grew wider this week when a college football quarterback announced his endorsement of a political figure as part of an NIL agreement. Tennessee-Martin senior Dresser Winn shared his support for a local district attorney candidate, Colin Johnson, on social media and repped Johnson’s campaign apparel while at a football camp.

“Thank you to life-long supporter, and candidate for District Attorney General for the 27th Judicial District of Tennessee, Colin Johnson, for coming to my camp this weekend!” Winn wrote. “Elections are in August, so make sure you are registered to vote!”

Winn’s NIL-fueled political endorsement is regarded as a first in college sports’ new frontier allowing athletes to profit off their public personas.

At the intersection of pay to play and stick to sports…


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14 responses to “Not the NIL I was expecting

  1. RangerRuss

    🎵Hello, I must be going…

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  2. This should be fun.

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  3. Ran A

    LOL! Yep, I’m voting for a candidate because my 19 year old college football player says I should.


    • rigger92

      I think it’s the opposite perspective. The candidate may get more attention because he engaged with the athlete, not the athlete campaigning for the candidate.

      I also think it’s like that with the big national brands. Just as an example, I’d think that Zaxby’s looks for ROI out of perception that they support a player, not really expecting a sales bump out of a player urging everyone to buy chicken.

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  4. As I have stated from the beginning of this mess. When this is over most everyone involved will not be better off.

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  5. Clayton Joiner

    LOL great closing line


  6. Would any of UGA’s current football players care to endorse a former UGA player for US Senate this season? Just for the NIL of it.


  7. godawgs1701

    This is indeed interesting. If individuals can reach high elected office based largely on the name recognition and memory of their former glory as athletes or coaches, then I’m sure current athletes can also sway an electorate with their endorsements. For example if Stetson Bennett showed up to a candidate’s campaign rally, perhaps with a bottle of Pappy, that might be ballgame.


  8. uga97

    Nothing to see here, UTknox just getting out in front of some pro bono bail work.


  9. This just keeps getting better & better!