At Georgia Tech, a different kind of NIL problem

This is pretty pathetic sounding.

Georgia Tech athletics director Todd Stansbury won’t dissuade any Yellow Jackets supporters from making a financial contribution to the “Swarm the ATL” collective or any other similar outfit. But he also wants to encourage supporters to help keep the athletic department engine running, too.

“At the end of the day, we’ve still got to pay for the scholarships and all the things we need to provide our student-athletes as well as our teams,” Stansbury said in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “So, obviously, I want (donors) to support student-athletes how they want to and engage them in the appropriate ways, but I do not want that at the expense of their support of the core program, which is essentially providing scholarships and now, educational expenses, cost of attendance and all the other things that we do to make sure that our student-athletes are taken care of.”

Tech’s AD is concerned about competing with Tech’s players and recruits over a limited pool of donor dollars.  You can see why:

In the 2021 fiscal year (July 2020-June 2021), Tech received $7.7 million in outside contributions, part of the $86.2 million that the department generated in revenues, which just covered the $86 million in expenses, according to Tech’s financial report to the NCAA. Tech’s expenses likely will continue to climb in coming years.

What a sales pitch — “Recruits, do you want to starve your athletic program’s funding by accessing donor support directly?  At Georgia Tech, you can do that!”


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23 responses to “At Georgia Tech, a different kind of NIL problem

  1. Gaskilldawg

    Stupid for the AD to say that out loud.

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  2. 79dawg

    Yikes, I think I saw somewhere that the Hartman Fund (by itself) was like 4X their total “outside contribution” number. All the rich Tech alumni must be too busy reinvesting their money in venture capital funds I guess….

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  3. Ran A

    The are a microcosm of what we’ll see happen to a lot of College Athletic Programs. The Georgia’s of the world will figure out a way to fund both the internal athletic department and healthy NIL programs. The Tech’s of the world area at real risk of not being able to support their existing athletic programs was they look today, with NIL money being siphoned off in hopes of producing a winning football program.

    The only saving Grace Tech has is that they are not effected by Title IX, with a student body that is 60% Male and 40% female. Same for Auburn and Clemson (both 50-50).


  4. mg4life0331


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  5. Ozam

    He raises a really interesting question. Will university donations be negatively impacted by player collectives?

    The next few years are going to be very interesting as the college football new world order plays out.

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  6. I’m having a hard time seeing this “rivalry” still being played in 10 years. They’re gonna end up becoming like Tulane

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    • originaluglydawg

      I think they’re behind both GSUs, and KSU now…or maybe it’s better said that those schools are very competitive with NATS.


    • Tony BarnFart

      From your lips to God’s ears.


    • Down Island Way

      ‘Good old fashion hate’ may have lost some of it’s shine, it’s still invigorating to to throw an ass load of shade on those mighty pocket protectors and their is nooooo fucking way the north avenue fucking trade school will evvverr resemble Tulane University (#1 party school in america, according to some)…


  7. originaluglydawg

    Nothing is squeezed tighter by it’s owner than a rupee.
    GT’s problem is it’s shrinking base of southern, football loving alumni.


  8. archiecreek

    $200,000 left after expenses at a “major” college “athletic program??!!”
    (Punctuation added because I don’t consider the north ave. trade school a major college, nor their sports teams an athletic program).
    THAT is a shrinking schlong!!

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    • siskey

      I am sure that they spend as necessary so as to not have much money left over so they can ask for more money the next year. But $200,000 is not much considering.
      I hope Tech gets its shit together. I like them to be hopeful and then sad not resigned to it.

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    • godawgs1701

      The creative accounting on display at major college athletic departments has most of them showing up in the red, so good for Tech.

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  9. Well Bitcoin is way down so this is to be expected


  10. Tech football is the 5th grade orchestra on a sinking Titanic. Play on!


  11. godawgs1701

    Georgia Tech is the canary in the coal mine on this issue. Tech is among the poorer P5 programs given its relatively small alumni base and their lack of concern for sports as compared to other schools at the P5 level. They’re always going to be among the first impacted by economic issues, but if Georgia Tech is so scared of this that their athletic director is going to say it out loud and on the record to the AJC, then the Group of 5 conferences must be scared shitless. Those schools and some of the other smaller P5 schools like Wake Forest or Northwestern may be seeing similar concerns soon. It’s a while until it works its way up to our level, but it’s possible.

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  12. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Sounds like the Bugs will be dropping some olympic sports in the near future.

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