Jere Morehead’s guardrails

Jere Morehead haz a concern.

As a member of the NCAA Division I Board of Governors and Board of Directors, Georgia president Jere Morehead has dealt directly with the topic of name, image and likeness. The conversation around NIL has not gone away over the offseason, and Morehead made it clear Thursday he’d like more changes to be made…

“It was intended to reward student-athletes for their name, image and likeness, as student-athletes enrolled at college institutions. It’s clearly become something different than what it was intended,” Morehead said. “I believe we’ve got to have some very clear rules that do not lead to the professionalism of college athletics. And you probably saw the action that the Division I Board of Directors took a few weeks ago at the NCAA, that was a strong statement by the board that we want the enforcement staff to enforce the rules that exist related to recruitment. And we don’t expect that NIL would be used as a recruitment device.

“I believe in the long term that we’re going to have to have a more formalized process whether that comes from Congress, or can come from the actions of the NCAA. We clearly need a strong framework that governs the conduct that every institution engages in when it comes to NIL. How we get there, and when we get there, is an open question. But right now I hope the enforcement staff feels like they’ve been given a green light by the Division I Board of Directors to investigate some of the cases that have gained a lot of national attention.”

What a false equivalency there.  The NCAA (of which Morehead himself is a figure of some influence) has the desire to do something, but apparently lacks the power, while Congress has the power but lacks the desire (at least in the sense of doing what the NCAA would like for it to do).  Quite the conundrum!  Just imagine the constructive role somebody like Morehead might have played had he made those comments a decade ago, had the desire and the power both co-existed.

While everyone’s at it, Jere thinks something needs to be done about the transfer portal, too.

“I think some work’s got to be done with the transfer portal. We’ve got, again, a great leader, co-chair of our Division I transformation committee, Greg Sankey, along with Julie Cromer, the athletic director at Ohio University. They’re leading our Division I transformation committee every Tuesday afternoon through important discussion of all these issues. And I’m hopeful that we can ultimately come up with a series of rules that will effectively govern us in a collegiate model.”

Give him credit — at least he’s not giving the “doing it for the kids” faux justification any lip service.  Of course, if the NCAA isn’t doing it for the kids, that could open up its own can of worms.  Sigh.  It’s not easy being a concerned school president these days.



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15 responses to “Jere Morehead’s guardrails

  1. Harold Miller

    Mr. Morehead I believe the handle on your sausage grinder is broken.

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  2. argondawg

    Jere is also pretty much a politician as it’s the nature of his job. You don’t meet many that are very pro active. Getting ahead of problems is not their forte.

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  3. RangerRuss

    The board took action by making a strong statement. If that doesn’t work? Well by golly they will make an even stronger statement. That’ll show ‘em.

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  4. Ozam

    I’ve said it for a over a decade on GTP…. The NCAA specializes in the law of unintended consequences. Literally, for every issue they try and address, both on and off the field, they create new ones.

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  5. Biggen

    I think it’s completely crazy for people to think that the federal government will swoop and fix this issue with the flick of a magic wand. When does Congress ever do anything that isn’t a bloated mess?

    We can’t even get simple shit done in a timely matter. In Florida, we (the voters) approved the state to follow Daylight Savings time in a year round fashion. No more springing forward and falling back twice a year. Unfortunately, the State needs Congress (e.g. Federal Government) to approve the measure before it can go into effect. That vote was in 2018!! It’s been four years and we can’t even get Congress to take it up!

    NIL is like designing a manned mission to Mars compared to passing silly shit like DST and Congress is no where near ready for even the silly shit.

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  6. Shorter Jere: Who could foresee chaos given our lack of leadership?

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  7. “And we don’t expect that NIL would be used as a recruitment device.”

    That’s funny, right there, now. What DID Jere expect NIL would be used for? What did anybody expect NIL would be used for?

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    • Biggen

      I hear the talking heads on the radio saying stuff like, “We had no idea NIL would be used in the overwhelming fashion is it for recruiting inducement. We assumed it would be minor”.

      The talking heads are shocked – SHOCKED – that NIL isn’t being used as intended. LOL. Do these people live in the same world I do?? I saw this coming a mile a way.

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  8. whb209

    “It was intended to reward student-athletes for their name, image and likeness, as student-athletes enrolled at college institutions. It’s clearly become something different than what it was intended,”….
    I wonder if anyone saw that (different than intended) coming?

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  9. The Decider

    Will the NIL keep kids from jumping in the portal after the season or are they under some kind of obligation to stay?


  10. classiccitycanine

    Morehead is a real profile in courage and proactive leadership isn’t he?


  11. 79dawg

    Pretty pathetic laydown, but he only has to make it a few more years to get that sweet, sweet retirement moulah, so guess asking him to step up and propose a solution is too much to ask….


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    He’s right about the transfer portal. The current model is gonna be hard to maintain. J.T. Daniels, a good kid, at his third school?


    • JT is a grad transfer and completed his academic commitment. I have no problem with the fact that he’s heading to West Virginia. It’s the Tate Martells that are the problem.