“The only thing people care about is cash. That’s it. Tradition and other stuff, it’s bulls—.”

The Athletic does a Q&A with five anonymous agents ($$) and this quote, about Mel Tucker’s stunning contract, is the one that gets me:

Agent 2: Mel’s got a great situation. I can go 8-4 every three years and not worry about getting fired? That’s the greatest f——- job in the world. It’s really becoming irresponsible. I get that people say agents are the reason for this, but the fact administrators would do this shows how foolish they are. They’re spending TV money they don’t even have.

It’s both a sign of the general lack of accountability ADs have and the savviness of agents who recognize that’s something to take advantage of.

What I’m curious about is whether player compensation eventually impacts that, particularly if the compensation is coming from the school.  Right now, that’s not the reality, but it’s not hard to see it going there in the next decade.  And what then?  There’s only so much moolah to go around.


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  1. 3rdandGrantham

    I always thought the Mel Tucker contract was absurd. But everything from my point of view is so disconnected from reality that I really don’t know what to think anymore.

    When I was at UGA in the late ’90s, Donnan’s total package was around 600K if memory serves me right. DC Kines made just over 100K annually. Mike Leach was the OC at Kentucky and made 80K. Yesterday Monken inked a deal that will pay him $2 million annually.

    Every time I say this absurdenness must end, it keeps going further. I honestly at this point don’t know where the breaking point is.

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    • Down Island Way

      You’ll be surprised how much is under those sofa seat cushions…


    • Tony BarnFart

      It’ll be ugly in about 30 years. Once the only people around are the ones born into an era where there was either not enough interest or money to attend games in person, there will be a reckoning.


    • godawgs1701

      Mark Richt made $850 or $900K in his first year at Georgia. I think he topped the $1 million mark after this first SEC Championship. Now the offensive coordinator makes double that. Nice work if you can get it.


  2. RangerRuss

    It seems to me there are more positions requiring competence than there are competent individuals available to fill those positions. The disparity is exacerbated by real smart fellows (agents) with the stones to take advantage of those rubes.

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  3. originaluglydawg

    Human nature is a strong force. As players make friends and practice and play together, they actually do become a “team”. There will always the mercenaries who will have a weaker sense of commitment to anything but themselves, but they often crash and burn anyway because their heart isn’t in the game.
    I hope I’m right.
    (and I’m not calling every kid that takes NIL money a mercenary. I’m saying there will be kids like Jordan Davis who are playing for love. And there will be some that are constantly looking for a higher bid). We can’t paint them all with the same brush.

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  4. The more the ADs spend TV money they don’t have, the more they will become beholden to the whims of what Disney wants. Loan sharking 101. And Disney wants what’s best for Disney (NFL lite) not what’s best for CFB.

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  5. Illini84

    I remember Russ Tanner saying something like “Hey, I had offers from a bunch of schools. I wasn’t a diehard Georgia fan (he is now) like ya’ll are”. Truth

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  6. Remember the Quincy

    Agents talking about ethics and loyalty? Puh-lease.

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  7. whb209

    i have never met a coach that was not as competitive as hell. 8-4 might sound good, but they will work for something better. Coaches hate to lose. I hope I am correct. I like to think I am.


  8. biggusrickus

    If I’m reading that right, he’s suggesting that Mel Tucker can go, say, 5-7, 6-6, 8-4, 4-8, 7-5 and 8-4 and never have to worry about being fired. That’s not true.

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    • godawgs1701

      Why should he care about being fired, though? Maybe Michigan State finds an oil well under their campus and gets enough money to fire Mel and hire someone else after he goes 5-7 a few times. As long as he’s not fired for having the proverbial dead girl or a live boy in his trunk, he’s going to get paid $95 million over the next nine years thanks to his 10 year contract. Hell, I’d honestly prefer being fired so I could spend my November in Key West lighting cigars off of burning $100 bills instead of freezing my ass off in East Lansing.

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  9. Do you think that could be related to your post about tech? They’ve got so much money tied up and Collins buy out that they can’t do anything with NIL?


  10. jcdawg83

    Mel Tucker must have pictures of the AD and the University president screwing a goat or something.


  11. mg4life0331

    Everybody’s expectations are different. Complain all you want but you can leave the job you’re in at anytime.


  12. munsonlarryfkajim

    I haven’t read the article. But Mel has the added aspect of being a minority. That can’t hurt and I’d bet it helps immensely. Before anyone chastises me – this is not a political point, it’s reality on today’s hiring world. I work for a public company and our push to hire and retain minorities is significant.


  13. kevinsauer

    Well here’s a new take. ND and OU can’t recruit becase of A/C…

    Agent 2: With the proliferation of air conditioning, everybody moves south. So 101 degrees isn’t that bad when you go inside and it’s 72. When Bud Wilkinson was at Oklahoma and Ara Parseghian was at Notre Dame, those guys aren’t leaving for USC and LSU. But now it’s harder to recruit at Oklahoma and Notre Dame than it’s ever been.

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    • jcdawg83

      That agent is a complete idiot. I’d say the SEC schools being segregated in the 60s and 70s had much more to do with the success of OU and ND back then. USC was a national power in those days too. Southern California’s climate is very nice, weather wasn’t keeping anyone away from USC.


  14. bucketheridge

    MSU will want more than that out of Tucker, at least within a few years. The guy who has it made is Mark Stoops. UK will be happy with what he’s been doing forever. Football coaches can get very comfortable at basketball schools. Kentucky is a prime example of that. MSU is a good one too, just not to the same degree.


  15. 79dawg

    And now its hitting the tape that Josh and Jere “trust” Greg Sankey to do the right thing when it comes to scheduling and that they’ll help do “what’s best for the conference”….


  16. sundiatagaines

    Pretty soon some 3rd-round NFL draft pick might say “Nah, I’ve decided to go into college coaching instead. There’s more guaranteed money in it.”

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  17. Hogbody Spradlin

    Are athletic directors really that easy to take advantage of? I’m trying not to take a position, but . . . are athletic directors shelling out all these bucks in response to ‘stakeholders’ who will get them fired as fast as LSU and Auburn fire coaches. Do athletic directors have to serve their masters too?


  18. Munsoning

    Admin gonna admin. More specifically, ADs gonna AD. DJ Durkin has gotten two DC jobs–Ole Miss and TAMU–since he helped Jordan McNair shuffle off this mortal coil.

    Another thing admin increasingly doesn’t care about: education. The administrative obsession with rankings, awards, test scores, anything and everything that can be used to burnish the school’s brand, thereby attracting money from alums, future alums, and other donors is so much more richly rewarded than enabling teachers to help young people develop minds that don’t short-circuit when dealing with anything more complex than a pie chart on a powerpoint slide. A school’s CFB team burnishes the brand, and admin can’t even manage that without ceding control to Mickey in exchange for funny money.

    I’m rambling. TLDR: can’t blame admin for being so awful. The awfulness is the only thing that’s incentivized.