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Unilateral disarmament

Of course, that presumes somebody’s invited Florida to get into a bidding war in the first place.



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There’s always dancing with a party.

Certain rituals must be maintained.

Brooks said UGA hasn’t made a decision on whether it will extend the Bulldogs playing their designated home game with Florida in Jacksonville beyond the 2023 season.

“We’re not in the discussion of that right now,” Brooks said. “We signed a deal a few years ago with an option for two more years (through 2023), we haven’t gotten into the weeds on that yet. We’ll discuss that at a different time. It just hasn’t been on our radar right now with other pressing matters.”

Cue a similar hesitancy from Gainesville and a few choice comments from Kirby about how the Cocktail Party continues to kill Georgia on the recruiting trail.  Let it age a few months so that Jacksonville can get all of its checkbooks aligned properly and voilà!  Life will go on as the skids are properly greased.


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“I’m in no rush to get out of here.”

At Mississippi State, it sounds like Mike Leach is revisiting the Dan Mullen playbook ($$).

Every player in Mississippi State’s two-deep defensive line rotation will be either 21 or 22 when the season begins, and all have played significant snaps.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d call that old man football. Those Bulldogs may give our Dawgs a decent challenge this season.


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