Greg Sankey, fan friendly

The SEC commissioner utters a classic “damn, son, I don’t think I’d have said that” remark.

I’ve no doubt he’s sincere, but why on earth would you publicize it?



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  1. siskey

    That sob is making it personal now. I’ve already started doing the math on how to get a PS5 for myself while barring my son and daughter from using it due to the ruinous effect it will have on their mind. I know this because but for my introduction to Tecmo Bowl and Bill Walsh College Football I could’ve really been something.

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    • mg4life0331

      Just be the one who gets to pick first so you get Bo Jackson

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    • Yorkville, a new NCAA Football game would bring me out of video game retirement (Red Dead Redemption not withstanding)…I still have 20-30 years of virtual football eligibility left.

      My kids destroy me at driving games, shooter games, Fortnite, fighting games, etc…but I’ll friggin lay it all out for college football…

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      • silvercreekdawg

        Fun fact- a HS classmate of mine was the EP of Red Dead Redemption. He’s now the EP for The Witcher series.

        He and I played Intellivision together back in the early 80s and he turned it into a career. Me, not so much…

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        • Holy Dawgshit, I bet he’s making bank…video games have bigger budgets than major movies these days…send my “2 thumbs up” for Red Dead…I’ve wasted too much of my life in that game…second only to time “invested” in GTP…my employer thanks you, Bluto!

          Now I’m revisiting my life choices of being a door to door bible salesman…those Gideon folks have cost me a fortune

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      • classiccitycanine

        Red Dead 2 is my all-time favorite game, and it gets my vote for best game ever!

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      • MGW

        I don’t care what kind of skill you have at video games; if you don’t put enough corners on the field(or too many), you’re getting murdered.

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    • RangerRuss

      Do y’all think Hitler’d fuck one of us for a chocolate bar?

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      • Ahh Fury…come to think of it we have a couple six packs of chocolate bars left over for s’mores…that could be a heck of a party

        Although not historically accurate, my favorite Brad Pitt WWII movie is Inglorious Basterds…that basement bar scene was awesome

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  2. Bulldawg Bill

    FWIW, it should be,
    “Damn, brother! I don’t believe I’da told that!”
    Per Grizzard, “One of the great punch lines of all time!”

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  3. doubledawg09

    The NCAA games were an annual tradition with me and my buds growing up and in college. I have fond memories of playing the big games for the upcoming weekend with my friends. I used to buy video games systems solely based on which one had the best version of NCAA. Would love to see them bring this game back.

    Also, I still have my PS3 with the last NCAA FB game released, 14. The folks at operation sports release updated rosters for the game on a yearly basis and then keep them updated. You can also manually update the rosters. The engine the game runs on is “old” at this point, but honestly is plays better than modern madden games anyway. If you have access to a PS3 or Xbox 360, I highly recommend playing the game with updated rosters. For what it’s worth, I knew Stetson was capable of winning a natty before it ever happened because of this game…

    Also, the tight end is ALWAYS open in the game, as in real life!

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  4. practicaldawg

    Count down until EA Sports strikes a deal exclusively with the SEC.

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    I agree with him.

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  6. MGW

    I thought he liked money?

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  7. RangerRuss

    I never played a videa game with a controller hooked to a TV. I do understand that many folks enjoy that sort of thing and they should be accommodated. I hosted the family for MIL’s birthday and rented a bounce house and had BIL set up a big screen with speakers and controllers and implements of destruction, designated a spare bedroom as Group W and all the kids were happy and, more importantly, out of my hair.
    Sankey should get on top of this not just for the revenue, but to accommodate fans. Also he doesn’t have to be an asshole about it.

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  8. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    code for…once they throw out the correct figure, then it will be at the top of my list and the SEC will be the first conference to have its own collective for its players. winning!

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  9. whb209

    You know that every time he steps out of the house some asshole sticks a mic in his face and asks a dumbass question. I am sure he gets very tired of this crap and he does have more on his plate that video games.
    But damn Brother, I don’t believe I would have told that.

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  10. uga97

    Greg lost me at the 1st 4 letter acronym mentioned outloud.


  11. godawgs1701

    Today I learned that the SEC doesn’t get much money from the NCAA video games. That’s the only explanation.