Stick this one in a time capsule to preserve it.

From March 16, 2021’s “How Dan Mullen is closing the recruiting gap between Florida, Georgia”, this hot take hasn’t aged particularly well.

The stage is bigger and the talent pool is deeper at Florida, but Mullen is still overachieving. The question is whether it is a sustainable plan when the SEC East’s recruiting trail is dominated by rival Georgia.

… Perhaps that’s why Florida is one of country’s more successful programs in the transfer portal, where Mullen has managed to land a handful of former 5-star recruits in his first three offseasons with the Gators. Snagging the likes of receivers Trevon Grimes and Justin Shorter, or linebacker Brenton Cox and running back Demarkcus Bowman is much easier after those players mature and realize the real-world rigors of college football during their brief stints at other schools.

Is it possible for Florida overcome Georgia’s National Signing Day victories with a mix of transfers and developing 4-star recruits into 5-star players? In theory, yes, but like Mullen, it’s a bit more unpredictable than simply dominating the recruiting trail like Georgia has done by signing top-5 classes, including the country’s No. 1 hauls in 2018 and 2020.

Georgia has the upper hand on paper, but as we witnessed in 2020, coaching and routine maintenance of the program via the transfer portal can be the difference.

Best laid plans, and all that can be a real beyotch.


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24 responses to “Stick this one in a time capsule to preserve it.

  1. gastr1

    Brenton Cox, a “star” on defense.

    LOL at the whole damn thing

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  2. whit1356

    Fuck Those Mother Fuckers And Feed Them Fish Heads!!!!!

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  3. whb209

    That was published one year ago. How did that work out and, where is old Dan now?

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  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    If we’re all lucky, we can find someone in our lives who loves us as much as Brandon Marcello loved Sideshow Dan the Clown.

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  5. Bluto, thank you for this context…this article definitely did not age well, but it’s important to remember shyte like this when scrolling articles penned by certain homer authors.

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    • Down Island Way

      How could this ass wipe leave maro wilson off that star studded FU list, when it comes to the big time play at the right moment, at FU, there is none better….#FTMF


  6. akascuba

    Another 24/7 FU fan boy dream shot down in flames.

    Since our Ranger hasn’t chimed in yet #FTMF.

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  7. Moe Pritchett

    Ya know that scene in “The Incredibles” when Syndrome; aka Buddy…when he catches the entire Incredible family….and he says ….”Ohhhh this is just too good!”
    I hear his voice here.

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    • RangerRuss

      I’m pretty sure this tale isn’t about our Moe Pritchett as his virtue is unassailable. With that in mind, Big Moe had just watched the Dawgs lay an ass whoopn on Auburn at Auburn, again, and felt the urge for some trim. He stopped at a bar in Phenix City, Alafucknbama and made his desire known to the bartender. Bartender directed him across the street to a hotel.
      “Room 69, knock on the doh, tellum whatcha want.”
      Moe crosses the street, enters the hotel and raps hard on the room 69 door.
      “Big Moe wanna get fucked.”
      A voice booms from the room, “Sliiiide twenty dollahs unduh de doh.”
      Moe slides $20 under the door and waits.
      And waits.
      And waits some more.
      Finally, being impatient in a heated victorious Georgia Bulldog mood Moe commences to banging on the door again.
      “I said Big Moe wants to get fucked!”
      The voice behind the door exclaims even louder,
      “What? Again?!”

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  8. Biggen

    Are these writers still around? Does anyone call them out on their bullshit?


  9. MGW

    I remember that article. And it’s assumption that Florida faced a fully loaded, not-injury stricken Georgia team, with a quarterback.

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  10. 3rdandGrantham

    My personal favorites include several of the Andy Staples (UF alum) podcasts from last summer. He talked often about how Mullen possibly was about to overtake Kirby now that he had AR15 at his disposal. Speaking of AR15, he predicted Cam like success for him in the near future.

    A common question he would propose on his podcast was, if Mullen beats Kirby again, then all those top classes of his would be pointless, and his seat would start getting really warm.

    I know Andy bills himself to be unbiased and all, but during that particular stretch, his slant towards the UF was nauseating.

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  11. thenewandimprovedtronan

    That article is the answer to “What’s the sound of one hand fapping?”

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  12. Dawgfan1995

    The amazing thing about that Gator “drilling” of our Dawgs in 2020 is how many injuries we had that game. Jordan Davis — out. George Pickens — out. JT Daniels — out. Stetson Bennett — injured during the game. Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint — injured on his first touch in an ugly, deflating way.

    I mean, if we were Alabama, we’d have discounted that loss because, after all, we were missing two of our key WRs.

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    • uga97

      Lol. Correct, we didn’t stop the wheel route onslaught in the 2nd Quarter. Thats where Lanning & Kirby got out coached. We took our lumps and accepted that reality & moved on. FU is heading into their 19th season since TPOOE glory, my how tome marches on and the “once has beens” are a distant thing of the past!


  13. 79dawg

    Beware writing hot taeks on the Ides of March! (or when hitting the bottle early for St. Patrick’s Day!)


  14. uga97

    And now the next FU program savior is on deck and in the house.

    Billy Barou, Recruitle Master

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  15. Bulldawg Bill

    “Man plans and G-d laughs.”
    -Old yiddish proverb


  16. archiecreek

    One question for Maraschino, just one….
    Has Chauncey woke up yet???
    Running yo mouth bout the DAWGS ain’t gunna end well.