The SEC Spring meetings: apocalyptic, or nah?

There are some pretty breathless takes out there.  Here, for example, is Tony Barnhart’s.

I’m not feeling it.  NIL?  Unless the SEC is planning on issuing its own rules to restrict compensation (legal, but pretty much a shot across the NCAA’s bow), nothing but talk.  The transfer portal?  I’m sure there will be well-meaning (for coaches, anyway) discussion of fixes, but again, the SEC won’t act alone on it, because it would be suicidal.  The SEC hosting its own playoff?  Puh-leeze.  That’s just Sankey trying to engineer leverage for the next CFP expansion meeting.

Nah, the only thing that will be interesting to watch is how hard people twist themselves in knots trying to avoid talking directly about the Fisher-Saban dustup.  At least interesting to Finebaum.  Meh.


UPDATE:  Okay, I wouldn’t call this “most consequential”, but still…

Is that a case of what Saban wants, Saban gets?


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6 responses to “The SEC Spring meetings: apocalyptic, or nah?

  1. godawgs1701

    I have no idea if it’s actually on the table at this meeting, but whenever they do get down to brass tacks on 8 games vs. 9 games in the conference schedule and whether we get more than one permanent rivalry game will be a fascinating and consequential meeting for sure.

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  2. Texas Dawg

    I just hope they seat Jimbo and Saban next to each other with Joey Freshwater right across the table. That could be fun.

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  3. MGW

    “That’s just Sankey trying to engineer leverage for the next CFP expansion meeting.“

    After pretending we’ll take out ball and go home to our own playoff, and the video game comment, that’s all I expect from these meetings.


  4. Saban’s feeling the pressure of stocking up his roster Feb-May when Jimbo whips his ass in December-February.


  5. uga97

    Saban wants a shot at counter bidding on transfers. Better put, he wants sloppy NIL seconds after Texas A&M.


    • Yep. Was trying to figure out the logic behind Bama wanting to propose a rule that provides more chaos when Saban has been preaching for more control. Seems like Saban and Bama’s other powers that be are looking at A&M’s and our roster and accepting the fact that Saban probably has at most four or five more years which is definitely going to start hurting Bama’s recruitment beginning in 2023 and surely in 2024 and beyond. Bama offering transfer kids a one or two year deal is clearly on the horizon.

      The Bama rule change I see them pushing next is one that eliminates any recruiting restrictions on the so called “coach in waiting”. I imagine they have other rule changes in mind which we haven’t thought of yet.